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Wednesday recap

Another day, another blog post. I’m on a roll! I attribute it to being burned out at work – after working 80 hours last week, I just can’t bring myself to stay at the office later than 6:30, and rather than doing more work when I get home, I’m ordering glasses of wine from the hotel bar and binge watching the Food Network. 427 more words


A Truth About Miracles

Miracles happen all over the earth. A baby is inexplicably healed from a terminal illness.  A good job appears at the very last moment allowing a bankrupt family to keep their house. 135 more words

Random Musings

April Love: Favourite Flowers

For today, as part of Susannah Conway’s April Love challenge,  I am considering my favourite flowers and how flowers have come to mean so much to me in my life.  468 more words

Random Musings

Hang tight.


You just have to pull your socks up.

You have all the time in the world.

It’s okay to ask for a hand sometimes. … 28 more words

Random Musings


Okay…let’s get serious shall we.

Two days ago, I came across this screenshot of a series of tweets done by one dude – King With No Crown (@mcvaaey). 724 more words

Random Musings


Having a stockpile of things that you need is a good feeling. You can never have too much dog food, dog treats , or cat litter. 154 more words

Random Musings

How NOT to use your hard-earned government security clearance

According to this news article, a Japanese translation company under contract with the Nuclear Regulation Authority has apparently leaked an internal, classified document online from the nuclear watchdog. 257 more words

Random Musings