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My Husband

Time check: 2336 hrs. Husband is on his way to Lala Land while I’m lying here on the bed, typing this post away using my handphone… 126 more words


Self Help to Self Harm: The Dubious Guide to Life, Love, and Relationships.

I really hate self promotion. My friend Andy is a pro at it. I’m borrowing a page from him. Please check out my latest book… 161 more words


You say you want a revolution...

Well, you know… we all want to change the world. (Not sure why this song is running through my head this morning.)

How did I forget I wanted to be a writer? 353 more words

Professional Stuff

Well, the timing sucks...

Next week, I will “run” a half-marathon (training pace) as my final prep for my first (and only) ultramarathon the following weekend.

I had already completed this week’s long run and the whole Memorial Day weekend was a washout, so I decided to do a couple of sessions on the bike trainer instead of the treadmill. 115 more words


Happy little victories

I’m back. To me it means: I was forced to stop running for a while, I hated it, my body has been craving a run, neither bikes nor swimming water helped one bit, and I need to run… 170 more words


Last Bits 22

1. I’m going to try and make the drink in the picture. It is known as the “painkiller” at a certain beach bar I was recently at. 249 more words