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Controversial videos on Youtube.

Found these guys randomly. Good great lyrics, powerful message and good video.


tiny ramblings- Part 4

The buzz was around for such a long time
You and I, the team everyone admired
Care to see the number of doors and walls I have bumped onto, in the meantime? 246 more words


Is it no big deal?

I do this thing when I really care about something or I really want something to happen I pretend like it’s not a big deal. The biggest thing I would say I do this to is marriage. 352 more words


March Movie Madness: Loving the Canadians

 Brittany and I, on our day out, wen to see The DUFF. This video is more randomness than anything. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy it. We give you our honest feedback of the movie and the actors.




Why I propose a twitter boycott

So ever since last year you might have noticed some unrelated, annoying promoted tweets (basically adverts) showing up in your twitter news feed. Yes, your twitter feed is no longer 100% in your control. 363 more words


Random Muttering 4/1/2015: Holy Week

It’s Holy Week.

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are National Holidays, many people took this chance to go for a weekend get away or go home to the province to be with family. 114 more words