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A dream...

mh hi

okay so i was in a desert

with a blonde girl and a soldier

and we found a deep dark cave leading underground… 250 more words


Lessons from UP #1: Being a high school Valedictorian doesn't matter that much

I can still remember the triumphant feeling when my high school adviser and the school principal summoned me to the latter’s office to tell me I will graduate as the Valedictorian that school year and that I should start writing the draft of my Valedictory Address. 359 more words


Cities: Skylines City Simulator Review

Every once in a while I find a video game that surprises me. I’ve played a number of simulation games including a number of the Sim city spin offs. 144 more words


Day 86: Carnivorous Plants

I am a huge fan of exotic plants, especially carnivorous ones. There is just something intriguing about how an organism that is at the bottom of almost every food chain can still be a predator. 179 more words


So, since I’m more or less extremely bored, I figured I could do a “Things you didn’t know about me… maybe”-post. If you’re a very analytical person (or super close to me) you might know some, or all! 309 more words


Fab Tune Friday!!!

It’s been a really busy couple of weeks, but I didn’t want to miss another FTF.  Add these to your playlist this weekend!

  1. A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans;
  2. 76 more words