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Chinese government bid to take control of Frieda river mine

With the Chinese government already responsible for pumping millions of tonnes of toxic tailings into the sea in Madang, what future for the Sepik river if the Chinese get their hands on the Frieda mine? 469 more words

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Ramu mine suffers as Mother Nature bites back

Dumping millions of tonnes of toxic waste into a pristine marine environment was bound to have consequences. Maybe severe rains and flooding was not what was expected – but Mother Nature moves in mysterious ways… 213 more words

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Lima Mullung & others fetching bones from the dog, MCC

While the Basamuk people are arguing with the Chinese miners at MCC over the ‘tonnes of toxic chemical’ spill at Basamuk Bay in Madang Province, Lima Mullung, the said Basamuk Landowners Association Chairman got on an MCC boat and ran off to town. 576 more words

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Another MCC 'tonnes of toxic chemical' spill

Yet another toxic chemical spill has taken place at this Chinese-owned Ramu Nickel Mine in Madang Province and yet the Chinese at the mine tell the people ‘IT’S OK’. 286 more words

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Alcohol ban around Ramu mine

Combatting law, order problems around mine site

The National aka The Loggers Times 

ALCOHOL shop owners within the special mining lease (SML) and nearby communities of the Ramu nickel mine at Kurumbukari, Madang, will not have their licenses renewed. 309 more words

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Ramu Nico: Mine still running at loss

President Jicheng: ‘2015 is a fight for survival’

Freddy Mou | PNG Loop

Despite the technical, social, economic and cultural challenges faced in 2014 by Ramu Nico, company president Wang Jicheng set this year’s production target at 83 percent capacity rate in line with requirements from the MCC-Group. 233 more words

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Seven charged for Ramu mine office damages

Why is it the police never arrested anyone from BHP Billiton for all the damage they did to the Fly river, or Rio Tinto for the damage to the Jaba river or Barrick Gold for all the damage around Porgera? 170 more words

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