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Giorgio Chiellini & The Joy of 'The Bastard' Defender

Blood flowed from his head like water pouring from a burst pipe. His crown had turned crimson, but Giorgio Chiellini was adamant he would return to the pitch. 916 more words


I'm actually astounded at the degree of violence in the Rambo movies

I’m not sure why I’m surprised, but I am. Everything after First Blood: Part I is such a departure. Mind you, from an action standpoint, Rambo is just blasting dudes all over and it makes for an awesome, sort of anyway, action movie. 41 more words

Lightning Strike Victim Whose Dog Was Killed Believes The Animal Saved Him

DENVER (CBS4) – Survivors of a lightning strike on one of Colorado’s highest peaks talked about their frightening experience with CBS4 and showed their scars from Mother Nature. 485 more words


First blood: old, but hasn’t lost its urgency

A character named Rambo knows probably everyone. For those who were kids back in 1980s and 190s Rambo was like a God. Fierless, extremely strong and musculed – he was an idol of and for a man. 556 more words


June 28, 2015 at 07:18PM

Rambo by myri_bonnie (not very available)

Rambo est mon représentant pour vous donner des nouvelles de Betsy (opérée vendredi passé d’une hernie discale). Hier avec Rambo nous avons fait la route (3h) pour lui rendre visite.

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Japanese Words That Possibly Influenced English

Hey, Linguist Legion! What’s up?

Through my almost three years of studying Japanese, I’ve found many words that sound very similar, and could have influenced English. 627 more words


Video : Rasskulz × Rambo × Kosso × Mocromaniac – Cafeïne | @RamboAlkmaar @KossoMusic @MocroManiac

Energydrink-company Shakura and Dutch artist Rasskulz are currently working on a project together called “HIGHCLASS6IES”, and to warm up the crowd for this upcoming project they now release the visuals for the first single. 15 more words