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Just a typical Saturday

As I’m always busy in the week with work, seeing friends, seeing my boyfriend, training, painting, etc, my Saturday’s are always my rest day.

Unfortunately, I’ve recently taken to getting up really early on the weekend (goodbye to my long romance with lie-ins!) so I can get as much done as I possibly can (btw – as I write this, I’ve just had a text from the boyf telling me to relax!). 314 more words

First Blog Part II

I was thinking about Rambo: First Blood Part II which has to be one of the most awesome titles in movie history. If you don’t remember  401 more words


Geek Art: Awesome 'First Blood' Poster by Grzegorz Domaradzki (Gabz)

“They drew First Blood, …not me”

Who doesn’t love John Rambo? As I sit here writing this post, AMC is airing a Rambo marathon. Talk about perfect timing.  423 more words

Geek Art

Gabz & Grey Matter Art Draw "First Blood"

“They drew First Blood, …not me”

Based on David Morrell’s book of the same name, the 1982, action-thriller, “First Blood” was another notch in… 570 more words


Day's 21 & 22 - 'Tattoos, tall buildings and Tinder'

Thursday 30th October

After struggling to fall asleep we were woken early by the same chaotic noise that disrupted us last night. We endured it from 7.30am until about 9am. 2,775 more words

Two's Days: First Blood & Rambo

A shell shocked Vietnam War vet is harassed by local law enforcement.  That’s the whole plot of First Blood.  Overall, a serviceable action film. 372 more words