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Watching News

I really shouldn’t watch the news or read it or look at what’s trending on any social media sites. Usually if I’m watching/reading around my dad, it ends with us shouting at each other. 322 more words

Reality For The Win

March Madness

No, I am not referring to college basketball. More like the crazy snow storm that blasted it’s way from the South through the Mid-West to the shoreline of the East Coast. 60 more words



This is a post to say “Hi everyone, I’m still here! I just don’t have much time to spare right now!”

I started a course at the beginning of the year to help me set up my own business. 31 more words


Some Guys Aren't All About That Bass

I’m bringing booty back
Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that
No, I’m just playing.

The thing is I really wanted to like this song; it’s catchy and great to dance to!

729 more words
Food For Thought

Winter Birds (And Nuns Too)

We are once again buried in snow! If I am reading the snow graph correctly we got 16 – 20 inches of snow last night.  61 more words

Weather Flora & Fauna

Encouragement Overload!

You! You 5 Michelin star crèmes brulées, you!

Three months after I started this blog, I was given 100 of these pressents, one month later we come to this happy number, thank you so much! 125 more words


Well since you didn’t ask

Well since you didn’t ask

I think people would get along better if we didn’t have beliefs.
I think people would get along better if we didn’t have opinions. 26 more words