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We Can Never Forget!

Last night while watching the news on television I noticed how the media’s perspective has changed about the Armenian Genocide. For a hundred years the media referred to the genocide as “mass killings” and now they are not shy of giving it its right name, Genocide. 406 more words


Pornography: One Woman's Story

I am so thankful to the woman who shared her perspective on her husband’s addiction to pornography.  This is what I want young people to hear.   787 more words



You feel it, spreading like fire throughout your limbs. Every muscle in your body aching, feeling the burn as you try and control it. Your heart pounding, thumping against your rib cage. 164 more words


Apologies and Updates

First off, once again I’m very sorry for not posting. I can explain!!! Basically, I decided to chuck my entire Grande americano over my laptop on Friday (yep, pretty much the whole cup) and, as a result, my laptop is now sitting in 2kg of long grain rice in an attempt to dry it out and coax it back to life. 693 more words

Daily Dairy

The Irony of Freedom

There is nothing more ironic than the idea of “Freedom”.
The more we pursue it, the more we drift away from its real essence. 

What does freedom mean to you? 353 more words