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My horror at his crime was lost in my admiration of his skill.

A loyal follower of mine inspired me to post on Moriarty. I should hate to disappoint.

I already struggle with the idea of Moriarty. I can’t help but admire the tenacity of such a villain. 342 more words


February 2015 Recap

February always seems to fly by, but I’m ok with that because that means we’re one month closer to spring!

I was totally consumed with classes and my project this month but I still managed to publish some goodness on this space. 147 more words


"Where did she go?"

Recently I’ve been remembering something J would ask me at the end of our marriage. “Where is the woman I married? Where did she go?” All I could manage to whisper, with my head down,¬†was, “I don’t know.” What I really wanted to shout was, 227 more words


Poll: So, how do you get your news?

As a news junkie, I have always wondered how people “get” their news.

There are a lot of options out there. You may like television or radio, which would be more of the traditional ways to get it. 49 more words


about damn time

so for a few years now I am been looking for the recovery disc for my laptop.

I finally found it and now I am back on my laptop. 54 more words



I’ve had ABBA’s Gold album stuck in my head for days. Not just one or two songs. No. The majority of the album. Do you know what it’s like to have most of an album stuck in your head? 264 more words


When things collapse

Sometimes there are things in life that blind side us, and unfortunately many of those things are nothing that we have any control over, or are able to change. 207 more words