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Healthy? Or Unhealthy?

Eat your vegetable. Exercise regularly. Never skip breakfast. Limit your sugar.

Sounds like someone preaching to you about being “healthy” right?

But what is healthy? 553 more words


Apple rumored to launch 3 new iPhones this year - NY Daily News

Every year we have come to expect some new product or upgrade from Apple.

This year appears to be no exception as The New York Daily News and other tech news outlets report the electronic giant will launch three new iPhones this year, including an iPhone 6C. 230 more words


a shrill shriek follows me

My house is haunted by a demonic talking skull

but no one believes me

because it’s wrapped in human flesh and technically we’re dating.

** 37 more words

Daily Post

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A Giveaway In Honor of the Awesomeness of Girls <3

Here are things you should know about the characters I love to write:

They are flawed, and they are real, and they are strong not because they wield weapons but because they survive and thrive in a world that doesn’t always feel meant for them. 1,035 more words


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A Thing about Depression

I don’t get enough sleep. I mean, really, who does? But I seriously have fallen back into a pattern of wishful Sleep Cycles of the Undead, where 2AM still sees me wide awake. 833 more words

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Our Economy is Forcing Me to Grow Vegetables.

I went shopping the other day and was shocked at how the prices keep rising. A loaf of bread was nearly $4. Four bucks for processed flour that we shouldn’t be eating anyway. 281 more words


OK Go - Red Star Macalline Commercial

A fantastic commercial OK Go did for the Chinese furniture store Red Star Macalline. It’s a combination of the visuals of their music video for “ 46 more words