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in my world

we got moved.

or I should say we are 99% moved

I have to go back and clean the apartment and my husband has to get the washer and dryer out of the basement and his work bench. 129 more words


Sacrament of inebriation

And there it was, to no longer be snuck into the house in a bag within another bag within another, like any ol’ suspicious purchase spirited upstairs with a line of unrelated conversation dismissing my concern as unwanted, unhappening. 357 more words



She looked like me; she stood like me

She laughed like me; but she definitely wasn’t me.

I smiled and she smiled back; I waved and she did same… 236 more words

Twenty best albums of 2004: #5: The Bees "Free the bees"

It’s true that all music has a story and not just the stories in the songs or on the albums or about the musicians that wrote the music but also about the fans who purchase and listen to the music. 667 more words


30 Before 30

Now that I’m nearing my quarter century birthday I’ve decided to lay out 30 things I want to do before I hit the big 3-0. This means I’ve got about 5.08 years to tackle some major tasks! 289 more words


❤ A Token of Appreciation ❤

I got a rolling blueberry cake from Kobo Bakery near my work place. In fact, my colleague @ Madam Fonny wanted to buy me and another colleague, Mr C as she earned the comission from the sales. 44 more words


Photography: The Promise

Click this link to read more about their story. It happened in 2009, but is still relevant today.