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So I am going to post something a little bit different. Sort of a “one-off” post. Sorry, just felt led to do so. :)

I just got home from an amazing Sunday. 501 more words


Clean Reader

So, if you haven’t heard of Clean Reader you’re probably not an author and there’s a high chance you’re sane.  It’s an app that removes offensive words from a text so people who can’t handle reality can still enjoy reading.   339 more words


Verity La!

I’ve been remiss in not letting readers of this blog know about an exciting new developement in my writing life. Late last year I took over the reins of an exceptional little online literary journal, … 131 more words


n - 1

Here I wanted to look back over the past year (school year) and summarize what I have been a part of. So over the past year I have remained a Computer Science student at Duke University intending to major in this subject while perusing a certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 362 more words


Viewing From Afar: Bloodborne

Life can sometimes take interesting turns, and because of that sometimes your hobbies have to take a back seat.  As I’m completing a huge musical milestone in my college career (a recital), one my most anticipated games this year “Bloodborne” has been released.   442 more words


Sprint 1 Post-mortem: Card games in Unity

As the title aught to suggest, this is the first in a short series of reflections in which I go over my progress in the last two weeks. 831 more words

Ostensibly Sensible

You Can't Even Touch Me

I am invincible. I have stood on mountains of my own making, built and scaled in the name of what I could be. What I am. 473 more words