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Some ground rules

Rule #1 : I will be voicing my opinion here, sometimes it can get loud, it won’t be objective. Accept it. Enjoy. Move on.

Rule #2 : If you feel like voicing your opinion about my opinion, feel free, I would enjoy that. 304 more words


Dear summer diary...day 8

After the last 5 days of running & playing, we opted for a recovery day. The kids slept in a bit, we had breakfast with Mike then they watched half an hour of cartoons. 132 more words


When Life Hurts

Hey friends, I really wanted this post to be about how married life has been for the first week and half. The things I’m learning and such, but I just honestly don’t have the heart for that post today, so I’m sharing this one instead. 441 more words


Big Yawns

Dear Past Self,

I know you think having a job will be glamourous and give you something to do. I’d kindly like to disagree with you. 228 more words


Birchbox: Month 2

June is the month of sunshine, beaches, end of school and porch drinking. Here is a sneak peak at June’s Birchbox ‘Adventure’ – big or small, near or far, adventure is a state of mind—and this month’s picks will help you get there. 662 more words


giant happy dance!!!

Mr GB is out of the hospital!!  They’re keeping him on a variety of meds to dissolve the blockage and then they’ll do surgery in October if he still needs it!! 100 more words



It’s that time again. I get it at least once per Xpack. My World of Warcraft game time is expiring and I’m not planning to renew it for a while. 297 more words