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When You Come to Worship

Peel me back,
let the choirs clean the dust from my lungs
if only so I can exhale a 

Turn my body into hymnal and run your fingers free form over the notes. 103 more words

Ramblings & Tidbits

Why Do I Bother

There’s something to be said in the way
that we all want to feel
like we warrant a response.

That maybe that’s why we don’t ask for the honest. 107 more words

Ramblings & Tidbits

My Goals for 2015:

Getting over you.

It’s not prettily strung together in poetry.
It’s not a voicemail begging for what we used to be.

It’s accepting that you have all the power and effort that I have to make this, 153 more words

Ramblings & Tidbits