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After thoughts

As per usual I am way too hard on myself.

I actually made it on time and did really well! (I think heh) I put on my interview face and did the best I could. 102 more words

Mental Heath

One step at a time 

Accepting in your heart is one thing, but putting action into practice is another.

Sure, to stop doing something is one thing, but you don’t necessarily have to start doing what you didn’t used to. 170 more words

Self Sabotage

:/ <– That’s my face right now.

I have a job interview and I’m immensely nervous. I’m late too! I’d like to blame the train but this is a place for me to be honest, I just have really shit time management skills. 150 more words

Mental Heath

Wednesday's Writing Rambles [11]: Camp NaNoWriMo July Has Started!

It’s the First of July!

Which means, as well as being past the Winter Solstice, and into the middle of Winter down here in Australia, I have another crazy word count goal that I’m aiming for at the end of this month. 889 more words

Cliche's and Stuff

Time for more rambling! This time, I will talk about cliche’s tropes and the stuff. And I’m not even going to add the accent to the e of cliche. 389 more words

Other Writing

Word Vomit: Fernweh


I fell in love with the word fernweh when I first read it in one of those “cool foreign words” posts online. I never thought that a German word would ever become one of my favorite words of any language. 298 more words


Summer? Again? Ugh!

So, today’s daily prompt asks us about what we enjoy about Summer — Kudos to the prompt writer for including the world by the way instead of thinking that the world is experiencing the Summer together. 841 more words

Daily Prompt