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Phase #1.5 (No promises)

I usually don’t get nervous talking to people on the phone.

Okay, that’s a lie.

Talking to people on the phone is weird, man. I just always assume they’re sitting – stone faced – on the other end, judging every word I say. 392 more words


Coffee Hiatus

Before Lunch Draft: 

Friends, since returning from my Asia trip at the end of April, I have been trying to loosen the reigns on my coffee kick. 378 more words

Vivian Choi

Hey, you know what? Don’t try to think that you know me. Don’t go saying that I’m lazy lazy lazy, because the fact is, I’m not. 167 more words


Meant to Live.

“I’m just sick of moping. I don’t want to be sad. And I don’t want to see people sad. But I can’t help but be sad because everyone around me is either sad or broken or fucked up. 75 more words

Non Fiction

Square Point Five.

I’m beginning to think again
and I hate it.
There’s just something about this place that I have put my finger on
but I like to say I haven’t… 25 more words


I am a bad vegan (and vegetarian)

So, you might not remember my commitment to eat vegetarian and vegan in 2015, but I certainly do.

And, while I function great on a vegan diet (and have developed a love of beans, of all the strange things), I am fidning it very hard to stick to. 354 more words



You are soul sucker. You use people and take advantage of your friends. You do nothing but take, take, take. You never give anything back. 120 more words