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Hello there,

So I read quite a bit, I wouldn’t say I’m the person who spends every waking minute reading because writing is more my style but that doesn’t mean I don’t read a good book when I get the chance. 118 more words


The Vicious Gamble of a Suspicious Lie

Being the generation of text-messaging, instagram, facebook and snapchat, it comes to me as no surprise that we are more vulnerable to fights between the people that we care about. 718 more words



I really want to post something fun, and it’s late and there is just too much SERIOUS thinking going on in this head of mine so here goes. 432 more words


Appreciate the Groots

I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the second time, and I just think that everyone who has ever watched that movie should take a moment to appreciate Groot. 104 more words


Wednesday's Writing Rambles [11]: Camp NaNoWriMo July Has Started!

It’s the First of July!

Which means, as well as being past the Winter Solstice, and into the middle of Winter down here in Australia, I have another crazy word count goal that I’m aiming for at the end of this month. 889 more words

Satisfaction, Social Media & Reality

Ya’ll, things are going to get deep here during this post. Life goals vs. temporary satisfaction, just sayin’

Is it just me or is a new social media site released every week? 683 more words


Ramblings of a blogger gone MIA.

Hello my lovely Raptors. (I saw Jurassic World twice, don’t hate me)

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since the beginning of June. I feel like I have neglected this blog and I am so very sorry to those of you who actually enjoy reading my ramblings and was looking forward to seeing new updates because I had so many ideas and things. 862 more words