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You Should Date A Girl Who Doesn't Need You.

I hope you will someday become this.

Read and digress an article of Heidi Priebe. It’s quite a deep one, to me. Set it aside and pick up again because this article is important a tad tutorial notes distributed by lecturers to the you-just-can’t-get-it-do-you students. 155 more words


'Gone with the Wind' at the Redford Theatre

Once again I found myself spending my Friday night at the Redford Theatre, and once again I had a great experience! This one was extra-special. And I feel like I say that about most of the screenings I take in at the Redford, but it’s especially true this time, because I was treating my sister to her first Redford experience, a screening of a film we grew up watching together. 672 more words


This silence is deafening.

Started this travel log a few years back. Wanted to chronicle down all the little adventures my love and I had. Seemingly preoccupied by the daily routine of living life, this blog was left on the shelves. 61 more words



Saw a tweet that intrigued me. It said that we share too much on these Social Networks and I couldn’t agree more. Think about the time before these technologies. 284 more words


Dorky in a Romantic Way

Is how someone recently described me. I’m okay with that. Romance is not something I am used to, or even comfortable with most of the time. 142 more words


What happened last weekend?

A comment was made in my class today, roughly paraphrasing, it went something like “as a whole, current society self segregates”. Something about this comment really stuck with me. 824 more words



Internet, a moment.

Bear and bare are different words. The clue is in the different spelling. Other different words, like axe and sponge, are also spelt differently. 55 more words