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Rambles: Ode to Blood Sucking Parasites (I Hate Spring)

Oh villainous creatures of wing or claw, how I loathe thee so.
When you feast upon my flesh, bare or dressed, and cause me grievous woe.

130 more words

Writing - free form versus the theme & deadline style

On the challenges of writing to a set theme (themes can be helpful, but can also be difficult). Unfinished, well, barely started. Slightly out of control, less than productive. 17 more words

Creative Something Or Other

Gap Year

So I’ve decided that I’m going to travel for a year.

This is incredibly exciting but incredibly scary because I will be solo travelling. 274 more words


If it makes you happy....

Hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend! I spent mine with my loves and a mini movie marathon. **Too HOT and Too crowded for beach** Movie marathon at home equals good times to me. 213 more words


Point Break or a brief foray into my experience of school

Stress. Its not a word anyone wants to hear and yet it affects everyone. Its also, unfortunately, something that I have become very well acquainted with over the past four years, having gone through two different kinds of exams and three schools (eight schools overall, but thats a different story) and now, coming up to my last exams (ever) and having just been released from my last year at school, the tension is really starting to amp up. 567 more words

Memory Lane.

The sky is a canvas of different shades of red and orange and purple,
differing from a glowing darkness to a luminous brightness,
and it sings a mellow tune of tender supple… 438 more words


Thoughts on May

So, May. Another month where I have not been posting every month. Honestly though? I was doing things, like writing a book, a script, watching Eurovision ( for those who do not know what it is, well, it is the longest running music contest that is broadcasted worldwide in which all the countries of European continent compete, this year it was the 60th time that it has been arranged ). 230 more words

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