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all i can fathom
is how impossible it all is
how much of a burden i am
how much i do not understand
i’m trying… 18 more words

hold your own
life gives you no favors
there is so easy way
this is life
when you think its a break… 22 more words

Coming Undone

A gift,

A present.

Was presented to you.


You grip it,

Examine it.

Assess what it’s made of.


The striking thing

Was the layers… 67 more words


In which I ponder shipping

A while back I wrote a post in defence of fanfiction. You might want to consider this one the whacky sequel. You see, shipping and fanfiction go hand-in-hand. 630 more words


Hoooo boy

Or, maybe one does simply just stop eating sugar. I’ve noticed this before, when my eating goes off the rails, everything else does too. More than half of the blog posts I’ve started writing since the beginning of last month are still drafts. 237 more words


50-50 Days

It’s been a so-so kind of day.

I only got like four or five hours of sleep last night, which is not fun when you have an essay-test-test back to back to back. 143 more words


Rain and rain and rain

Bleh, today’s weather seems, like it was especially designed for people who are.. sad or actually want to work a lot, because it was grey, cold and raining all day. 257 more words

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