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Superconnected (Identity Crisis)

Disclaimer: as with all of my rambles, do not accept anything I have to say as fact. This is just one confused adolescent’s viewpoint. If it happens to be yours as well, cool! 569 more words


i dont want to feel like my face is full of water and so heavy and ready to drip away. i dont want to be triggered by the word narcotic and suddenly be overwhelmed by fear and the thought that im being fucked over when i have never even used any. 107 more words

happy me

there are two things i am amazingly good at

singing in the shower

and singing in the car and chair dancing

i guess that’s three things. 321 more words


let's talk about: cardigans, demons, and more.

Let’s talk about the fact that this is my favorite purse and trying to find one that will match my love for this gem will be a quest for the Holy Grail. 226 more words


What we're doing here

This blog has been reborn as an open journal and creative outlet. Lately, my energy levels are off the charts (but yes, I can still nap at any time of the day in case you were wondering). 552 more words


and youre quite like the girl inside my mind
the one ive created over my whole life
i sit by and watch the time
as the lights swim around my eyes… 42 more words

Mid College Crisis

Wow. Sophomore year is over. It feels like just yesterday I was at orientation, clinging to the 56 people who I knew from high school. Lets just say without my close friends, I would not have made it past that first week. 487 more words