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(not exactly) Midnight Rambles - May 30, 2015

I’ve got a deadline the day after tomorrow but I haven’t done any writing since the last time I’ve mentioned I’ve written anything – it was probably three days ago but I can’t remember.  868 more words


Almost Didn't Make It

Is there a sadder word in the language than “almost?”

I read this week’s stream of consciousness prompt — the word, almost — and my head began to fill with almosts. 742 more words


Nostromo nostalgia...

Alien has to be one of my all time favourite horror movies, ever.
I know a lot of people say that but I mean it. The sequel, Aliens, was a bizarre fixation of mine in my teens. 734 more words

Nothing Much


So this is the first anonymous post. I’m sure none will stumble upon this blog but in the chance they do, welcome. I won’t tell you too much about my identity as this is meant to be a sort of anonymous safe haven for me. 726 more words


Five-Minute Friday: Blue

There is lightning at all places in the sky, for several hours.

The air is hot and sticky, and there is never rain, only a dreary leftover bit of the dry day and June-bugs everywhere, buzzing. 323 more words


It's Only Words

How may words are written each day on blogs around the word?

Millions… perhaps Billions.

I saw a fellow write take up a challenge to write 400 words per day. 420 more words


Faux Hawk Squirrel and Other Unfortunate Shedding Patterns

When I saw this little guy (or gal) sporting a faux hawk, I had to take a photo and I thought it was interesting enough to share, even though this picture clearly shows how horrifyingly rotten my deck railing is. 521 more words