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Dreams, barriers and determination.

We all have dreams, right? I don’t mean the thoughts that go through our minds when we are asleep, but rather the desires that drive our lives. 725 more words

Everyday Life

Day 4 Tourists in Hebdon Bridge 6 May

Lovely nights sleep, woke to pouring rain but better today than tomorrow. Have now arranged for packs to be transported so the next 2 days should be easier going. 125 more words

Day 3 Standedge to Hebdon Bridge 05 May

Tipped it down in the night and starting to get blowy, everything a bit damp. And 2 blisters. Cooked breakfast and a late start. Torrential rain and gale force winds, soaked and wet feet again within 5 mins of setting off. 196 more words


im fading, slowly fading. I try to put a smile on and act normal for you. I just can’t keep doing this, even tho I have to. 57 more words

Countdown to Patio Furniture Day 61...spring has arrived!

It is finally spring. Most of the snow has almost gone. It’s been warm (ish) and things are looking up.

What a difference!

March 25th… 57 more words


It's A DateĀ 

Hey sexy readers !

So guessing by the tittle you already know what this post is about. It’s true I have a date. A coffee date Friday morning with the handsome (let’s call him) Trip(let). 208 more words


Interior monologue..

I just don’t understand it. How can you move the finish line every time you’re near it? Not how, but why?
What on heart is going on, in your mind, that makes you do that? 79 more words