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If you asked 100 artists why they got into creating, you’d probably get (at least) 100 different answers. But while a few people might object, I think it’s safe to say that a major reason is because we’d like to convince strangers that our lives are worth something. 418 more words


Playlist Day 2


Quick recap of Playlist Day 2 or Day 1 if you don’t count business day.  I saw a few different panels in the morning.  I left to get in line for Alfie (pointlessblog)’s meet and greet.   168 more words


Dad, you're the best

Monday morning, just like any other Monday. I’m going to be late! I have to drive to the bus stop and then take a bus from there. 397 more words


There Are No Jump Scares In Horror Novels - A Ramble

A while after I’d miserably failed to write what was originally going to be today’s article, a totally random thought popped into my mind: “ 645 more words


Newcastle 1 - Aston Villa 0: The New Definition of Insanity?

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. So I guess it follows that, by watching Aston Villa and expecting them to pick up a point in the Premier League, I am insane. 155 more words


Lost and Reset 

I don’t know where to begin. I have always put too much focus on a certain thing to only realize I have missed out so much. 300 more words


Languages and Magick: Cultural Artefacts and Split Personalities

(The bulk of this post was written three years ago, but got lost in the shuffle. To refamiliarize yourself with my ramblings you can find… 1,070 more words