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Finding 500

Finding 500 words to put out there is a bit of a struggle today. That’s why I took up this challenge though; to create the habit of writing through my down days. 125 more words


Foodie Growing Pains (the self indulgent musings of a quarter life crisis)

Hmmm. Life is a funny old thing. I’ve been having a nostalgic afternoon, thinking back to when I was 16 and so bloody cocky and arrogant in some ways, but in others so sad and insecure. 493 more words


Shakespeare Saturday: Accents

Hello and welcome readers to Shakespeare Saturday, wherein the Nerd Cacti elucidate upon our love for the Bard. And normally, this would be no problem because who doesn’t love the Bard? 648 more words

Weekly Re-Motivator: Island Escape

I posted a few days ago about having a “down day”, and my wife pointed out that what I was feeling was a perfectly normal bout of depression caused by being locked in close quarters and basically chained at the wrist to two tiny humans without hope of respite for all of my waking hours and most of my non-waking ones. 594 more words


When You Need to Breathe

Dear grief,

Dear jealousy,

Dear tsunami-high expectations,

Dear you:

(Because when your expectations are as high as a tidal wave, you get caught under all of it and you can’t breathe –) 259 more words



Hello everyone, I’m a teenager with a big mouth, that can’t ramble enough. I feel like pouring my opinion and feelings about stuff and let the world hear what I have to say. 61 more words


Letting The Lunatic Out

Creation will out

No reboot here

New ideas no linear path dormant

Perspective smashed mirror like

Broken eyes



Fairground fairy lights carnival madness… 56 more words