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Excuses XII

#1 – I’m not writing a blog post today because my dog ate my laptop. Except, I don’t have a dog (I want a dog). And don’t ask me what I’m typing this on right now. 400 more words


More Than One Day

Sometimes celebrations steal more than one day.

And sometimes we are glad to find them thieves.

Regular life can come back tomorrow. I am happily robbed.


Throw Aside

I’ve had a lot of days put on hold over the last few years, by things that you hope will never come on any day. I’ve had days used up and burned out, all wrapped up in emergencies that disallow anything else. 149 more words


There seems to be a trend this week...

There seems to be a trend this week in which I look at my blog and say to myself:

“This is extremely important to me. I like this blog. 39 more words


Not the Usual Tuesday

Tonight is made for many things. Writing a blog post is not one of them.

My first thought when I realized the shape of the hour was: … 35 more words


Oddly Quiet Hours

Logically, every day is as long as another.

Each one has twenty-four hours, and unlike a few ancient cultures I could name, our hours do not stretch or shrink with the seasons. 284 more words


This Week's Theme

I never really intended to have theme weeks here on the blog, but this week certainly seems to have wrapped itself around sarcasm and the flu with a vengeance. 218 more words