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Today I have been named the queen of braids. It is an honor I have never dreamed of, and I am surprised at responsibilities that it has brought. 103 more words


Excuses XIII

#1 – I’m not writing a blog post today because I left my house at six in the morning yesterday, and arrived at this hotel at eleven at night. 414 more words


If You Take Me On a Road-Trip...

If you take me on a road-trip, I will want a lot of friends. We will pack them in the car and move them around until we learn exactly where we all fit in the over-stuffed car. 155 more words


It's 11:13 in the Evening on April the 21st...

…If you wanted to know, and I’ve been telling stories all day about the impatient sort of person that I am.

I am the type to shove things into place, rather than find the exact place that they fit. 172 more words


My Sort of Logic

I forgot that today was Wednesday.

At this time of night, I think I’ll forget that I remembered.

It sounds like more fun, and sometimes I find it healthier to give in to that sort of logic.


April Fools

I thought, for a moment, when I woke up this morning, that I might choose today to become an April Fool’s Day Prankster. It appealed me. 125 more words


Excuses XII

#1 – I’m not writing a blog post today because my dog ate my laptop. Except, I don’t have a dog (I want a dog). And don’t ask me what I’m typing this on right now. 400 more words