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Queen For A Day

So at midnight parliament will be dissolved and Her Majesty, The Queen will officially be in charge.

Now, judging by the fine mess the current lot have got us into, if I were Liz, I’d take this opportunity to make some improvements. 1,613 more words

Raising Children

God Loves Women More

I’m pretty sure Andy Stanley didn’t mean it like this a few weeks ago when he talked about our bodies as a  sanctuary for God.  I’m pretty sure if he read this, he’d shake his head and calmly say Not what I meant.   507 more words

The Family of God | Jay Fesperman

My dictionary defines “family” as “the body of persons who live in one house, under one head”….  It is important that we realize the significance of the family “living in one house”, as the dictionary it. 479 more words


Umbrella Talks - Creating A Spiritual Covering For Our Family (part 14)

Susan Pons addresses one of the big issues of our society as she talks about establishing spiritual covering in the Christian home and the differences between past and current generations.


The Words Worth More Than a Thousand Pictures

At the beginning of this school year, I was a bit concerned about where my two elementary aged children were, regarding their comprehension of basic math skills.   809 more words

The freedom to "judge not"

There is no teacher like that of the child.  Especially my own children.  For there are times they do something so crazy (to put it gently) that my heart flames with indignance, and I want to yell, “What were you thinking?!”  I want to call them names.   297 more words

Learning Together

Good Enough

I think it’s the notion of perfection – or near perfection anyway that often holds me back from doing the best I can. I discovered the notion of good enough parenting when my children were young and I was working and writing. 289 more words

Writing Practice