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How Ned Ryerson From 'Groundhog Day' Gave Radiohead Their Band Name

It’s hard to remember, but Radiohead used to not take everything so seriously. For instance, their band name comes from a song that appears on the soundtrack to… 358 more words



Here’s how you know you are old: You say, “I can’t give Radiohead a list, because I’m only doing acts that were around before 2000, and they’re only about 10 years old.” And then you find out that Radiohead released their first album in … 1993. 549 more words

Top 10

Radiohead - Bangers and Mash

One of the greatest Radiohead B-Sides is also one of the least Radiohead-like Radiohead songs ever. (Sorry if that sentence made your brain hurt)..

It’s that rarest of things – a Radiohead song that might… 12 more words


Take Five

This segment doesn’t need too much explanation, right? I take a Friday, write a list of five things and give it some sort of pun-riddled or intertextual title. 208 more words


New Album: Mainstream | Under the Covers

This is a part covers part original music album I made. This is my second album under the moniker of Omega Oblivion. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Omega Oblivion

Thom Yorke's Latest Project Is A 432-Hour Long Soundtrack For An Art Exhibit

Thom Yorke has come a long way since the early days of Radiohead, with his music becoming more ethereal and ambient. He’s taken that to a whole new level with his latest project, however… an “evolving soundtrack” that’s 18 days long. 152 more words


Rabid Glow

Cruising through the night, watching the luminous city lights glow, is a calming experience. Just remember to have this playlist by your side.

Project Playlist