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QotD: "Never before in history have the claims of oppressed and oppressors turned out to be, on inspection, quite harmonious. It will not be true this time either"

The cliché that when women are liberated men will be liberated too shamelessly slides over the raw reality of male domination — as if this were an arrangement in fact arranged by nobody, which suits nobody, which works to nobody’s advantage.

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'WE'VE COME A WRONG WAY BAY-BEE' - by Alix Dobkin (1999)

“As I was saying, the phrase,
‘This may be politically incorrect, but…’, makes me reach for the “delete” key. Why? Because it almost always precedes, a mindless bit of racism or a snotty put-down of women. 65 more words


QotD: "the war that men wage against women is actually worse than the wars they wage against each other"

One group of people that get a lot of PTSD are soldiers who have been in combat. You know who gets more PTSD, has higher rates of PTSD?

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QotD: "Sexual objectification always follows wins for women"

Sexual objectification always follows wins for women. It is an attempt to put women back in ‘their place’; that place being beneath men, individually collectively, metaphorically and literally.

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What is consciousness-raising?

This is an introduction to the concept of consciousness-raising for young feminists.

From the Routledge Critical Dictionary of Feminism and Post-Feminism

“Consciousness-raising (or CR) was a primary tactic of second wave feminism, which regarded it as a way of developing a shared consciousness of oppression among women.

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QotD: "When you fight porn you fight global capitalism"

When you fight porn you fight global capitalism. The venture capitalists, the banks, the credit card companies are all in this feeding chain. This is why you never see anti-porn stories.

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