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Did cancer exist before man-made chemicals were around to create it?

Yes, cancer existed long before humans were able to create synthetic substances that cause cancer (cancer-causing agents are called “carcinogens”). Unfortunately, cancer is a natural part of life. 1,048 more words


Thursday, March 27th Update

From Marcia:

Dr. Mason brightened my day yesterday!  He eliminated my midnight pill.  Yea!  That helps to uncomplicate the sleep/meds routine!  I was really hoping for that. 

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Cancer treatment contradiction - the double sword of Nitric Oxide

When laboratory scientific studies conflict with our body’s actual process of food constituents a double edge sword can occur. What and how the body handles organically occurring elements in food may be quite the opposite in vitro; hence contradictory evidence appears, leaving us wondering who is right. 1,525 more words

Talking About Cancer


I have a cousin Janice Sims who has been battling cancer of the Breast, Liver and Lungs since August. She is a very strong Christian Woman, single Mother of 3 kids, one still living at home. 139 more words

MUST WATCH -- Deborah Tavares - Smart Meters at Oathkeeperss Meeting

ARC Stopthecrime
Oct 6, 2012

Deborah Tavares speaks at Oathkeepers Meeting in So. California 9-2012
about Refusing Smart Meters and more…


Radiation Domination

I have SO many thoughts from this week – but I know most of you are wondering about Radiation so I’ll start there.

I started my radiation therapy treatments on Monday. 998 more words

Dead sea creatures “covering the sand with a sea of red” on California beach; Witnesses: “Bazillions of crab-like things washed ashore… I’ve never seen these before, it’s incredible” — ‘Glow in the dark’ organisms recently stranded nearby; Official: “No one here has ever seen it!”

Tiny crabs still coming in waves off Balboa Island — Thousands… created a rim of red along the shoreline, scattered on the sand along the sleepy seaside of Balboa Island in Newport Beach… Experts say the crabs – which are about 1-to 3-inches long – … 38 more words