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Some like it hot

Radiation tolerant bacteria could be even more effective at clearing up nuclear waste through natural processes than previously thought.

Studies from the group have shown that land contaminated with radioactive waste can also be cleaned up by bacteria that convert soluble forms of radionuclides, such as uranium, to insoluble forms that are less hazardous and mobile.  389 more words

Strike Three!

As I sit to type this, I am slowly calming myself down.  Maybe it’s not the right time to put my thoughts out to everyone, and yet maybe it is the perfect time.  480 more words

Breast cancer disappears–will make surgeons nervous

Disappearing Breast Cancer —– after two weeks of a special protocol this woman without any surgery, chemo or radiation is going into remission; today she is cancer free. 146 more words

Talking About Cancer

Watch a Superfast Jet of Gas Burst from a Massive Black Hole

If you thought the destructive laserlike beams from Star Wars’ Death Star were just a figment of George Lucas’s imagination, think again– beams of energy powerful enough to cross galaxies are real, and the Hubble Space Station just got a video of one. 203 more words

World Trade Organization to force Taiwanese citizens to eat radioactive food from Fukushima

Japan could turn to the globalist World Trade Organization to force Taiwan to import seafood and other products that might be tainted with radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster. 93 more words


Beyond the Cities In the Sky: 5056 (Part 3)

The humanoid holding my toolbelt lifted the metal box to it’s face. “Do you read me?” His voice sounded scrambled, but I could understand him anyway. 489 more words

Liner Notes

Art as a Healing Process: Ken + Julia Yonetani at RMIT Gallery

“We consider our works as a kind of healing process,” Ken + Julia Yonetani.

The large audience that gathered at RMIT Gallery on 26 May for the talk by artists Ken and Julia Yonetani ranged in age from school groups to art scene stalwarts and those with a strong interest in environmental issues.

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