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The cost of a costume party

For this weeks column in The Observer I talked about offensive costume parties, particularly ones that encourage a gender binary or culturally appropriate. Degrading, distasteful costume parties that perpetuate harmful stereotypes should be taken more seriously than “college kids being college kids” because: 66 more words

Case Western Reserve University

#PoliceState Update: Questions about racial disparities surround #SFPD arrests report

Black people make up almost half of all those arrested in San Francisco but only represent six percent of The City’s population.

Nonetheless, whites are more likely than any other group to be pulled over for traffic stops in The City. 144 more words

Sacramento Update

Mario Balotelli Received 4000 Racist Messages, Study Shows

As the Premier League tries its best to curb down discriminatory behaviour within the sport, a new study has revealed the sheer number of racial messages directed towards players like Mario Balotelli in the past months. 38 more words

The controversy of Oil Man

In 2006, Capcom published Mega Man: Powered Up as a PSP remake based on the original Mega Man game of the NES era (similarly to making a 2002 Nintendo GameCube remake based on the original… 90 more words


X-Men, A Bad Analogue

The X-Men are, without doubt, one of the most popular properties that Marvel Comics ever created. They’re also the most problematic, on several levels, and for several reasons. 929 more words


What you say about others says more about you than about anybody else.

I have just read online about the news of a video that originated in Australia and that went viral recently. It shows a Muslim couple on a train being racially abused by a woman who started off by asking strange and provocative questions such as “why do you wear it (the hijab) for a man who married a six year old?” – although this isn’t shown in the footage, what we do see is another woman stepping in to defend the couple. 703 more words

NOT my blog post of the week, but I feel like I ought to discuss the elephant in the room.

Maybe some of you have seen it on TV. Maybe some of you have seen it on TV before. But I am sure a lot of you have no idea about the xenophobia that is going on in South Africa currently. 593 more words