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NASCAR will not return to Donald Trump resort


This makes the list of people and companies longer and longer by the day.

We can only hope he starts having to sell things off as his money making options continue flushing down the toilet. 54 more words


Happy Fireworks Day

This morning on my ride with a friend, he related a recent political bit he’d seen on a late night show in which residents of a beach town in California were interviewed about the meaning of Independence Day. 1,514 more words


Trump Trumped

I try to keep politics out of my blog, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes I just have to say something. If I don’t, it nags at me like crazy until I do. 399 more words

First Installment of: IS IT RACIST?!

Lets get our first installment of IS IT RACIST going. This will probably be an easy weekly blog because it seems like everyday now someone says or does something stupid- and you KNOW that someone out there is gonna get pissed off. 190 more words


George Takei: 'Blackface' not racist; Clarence Thomas has 'abdicated his African American heritage'

Ah! Now we understand why the mainstream media and Democrat politicians have ignored actor George Takei  going shamelessly where plenty of racist liberals have gone before… 608 more words


"Thank you, #DonaldTrump" - @AmericaFerrera

MALI’S NOTE: Z-snaps & middle fingers to The Donald aka Mr Toupe aka Racist Bigot, and EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN WHO THINKS LIKE HE DOES!!!!!!!

Dear Donald, 710 more words


What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. LED lights. Apparently the previous owner of my house had a stash of incandescent bulbs. I wish I’d have known that before we closed so I could have asked him to throw them in with the sale. 498 more words

What Annoys Jeff This Week?