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Study Reveals Teachers Of All Races Are Likely To Give Harsh Punishments To Black Students

A new study released by Stanford University has revealed that teachers of all races are more harsh on black children due to overbearing stereotypes.

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Are You Privileged?

Some time ago I received this “privilege” test and upon reviewing it, I was enlightened and yet was provoked by it as well. 438 more words


The 'white genocide' myth

Britain First are far from alone in perpetuating this particular myth. It’s a myth based upon the fact that most people know next to nothing about genetics and the interaction of dominant and recessive genes to define heritable characteristics and racial types. 450 more words

Britain First

Research Project

The topic of our investigation revolves around the changes and transitions of ethnic and racial cultures within the United States. We want to explore how different groups of Americans were treated, how their cultures were developed and changed over time, as well as how they became the groups of people they are today. 47 more words


Sheriff tells reporters: Just glad the ‘unarmed’ guy we shot was white

A Kentucky sheriff speaking on the record went public this week with a statement that showed how far this country has gone into racial confusion…
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Division or solidarity, where do you stand...

My son posted this on Facebook:

Everyday i read the news on my phone and see whats happening.. And what i find is disturbing! Riots in baltimore, people fighting in Missouri, OUR OWN presidents wife! 194 more words


'Because I'm black'

Although it’s the twenty first century, racial prejudice is still emerging in our society. In some areas it is more prominent, but where I live, it’s practically non existent. 255 more words