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Glee Recap - Breaking Free

Sue Sylverster has always been nuts. However, this season has made her a caricature of a caricature. Last night’s glee provided a couple of scenes to remind me why we thought Sue was so funny in the first place, but also a couple to show us why it’s a good thing this show is ending soon. 707 more words


Cool Kids / New Kids

I’d say that I don’t often call an episode of Glee ‘the best episode of the season so far’, but I actually do. After I finish watching the week’s episode, I declare it’s the best of the season. 252 more words


Stretching to Reach 700 Glee Performances

This season of Glee has been so great so far. It’s felt focused, the music has been great, and it’s actually been funny. It was too good to be true though, but this weeks episode just wasn’t great at all. 214 more words


Glee Recap - Paging Dr. Walgreens

How on earth did it takes five and a half seasons of Glee for us to get to Burt Bacharach week? I do love me some Burt. 886 more words


The Second Part of the Hurt Locker

Here’s what you missed on Glee. Well, kind of. Go back and read last weeks post. Last weeks episode was pretty great. It was aware, and I loved it because of it. 244 more words


Glee Recap - "The Hurt Locker, Part 2"

Glee has always had a layer of camp and ridiculousness to it, but recently it’s gone from giggles to groans. I like gags as much as the next girl, but when the whole episode is gags its feels like the writers have run out of material. 1,473 more words


The Sixth Season of Glee.

I try so hard to like Glee.

It went from bad to good. Then it was bad. After awhile, it was okay. Then it was really great. 414 more words