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Conservative Friends of India and the Dumbing Down of the Electorate

The music video for the Conservative Friends of India (CFI)’s election propaganda track was initially extremely amusing. The slideshow of clips and pictures – of David Cameron smiling benevolently in roomfuls of brown faces, visiting temples at home and in India, and unveiling Westminster’s newest example of paternalism in statuesque form (a bronze model of Mohandas Gandhi) – is as unimpressive visually as its content is politically. 1,376 more words

Race Relations

When Will Our Lives Matter?

History has been known to repeat itself and sometimes in the most unexpected ways.  Racial inequalities were once the driving force of politics, crime and media.  236 more words


A couple of white guys, talkin'

If you haven’t seen the Obamacare realization:

The second guy has a series of vids. Sometimes he sounds like he’s downed a six pack. Here’s the (sober) latest:

Back In The USA

Denver Mayor: 'We Can Be Better Than That' On Race Relations

DENVER (CBS4)– Denver’s mayor teamed up with the community and law enforcement to continue the conversation on race and justice on Saturday.

Members of the community gathered with law enforcement for role playing exercises and relationship building. 122 more words


5 Reasons The American Dream Is Eluding Black People

While African-Americans have made significant social and economic strides since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Black community continues to face enormous financial and social challenges, according to a  579 more words


Can Love Rapture Both Racism and Corrupt Capitalism?

Times like this with wars and protests going on in our streets make me think about the importance of family. The black family has endured so much socially and economically in our country. 1,374 more words

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Why Is Freddie Gray Dead? - By Benjamin Wallace-Wells April 24, 2015 3:58 p.m.

Photo: Shawn Hubbard

Demonstrations over the death of Freddie Gray have been continuing in Baltimore for more than a week now, and yesterday’s was the  203 more words