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Teasing you to re-think your stereotypes

Toni Morrison’s only short story, Recitatif, invites you to guess the race of the two main characters, Twyla and Roberta, because Morrison carefully avoids stating it. 352 more words


Firing its 1st black police officer, this small town waits for the backlash from the world and from a volcano


Orting, Washington is a quaint little small town, home to 8,000. But unlike most small towns, it sits in the shadow of Mount Ranier, an active volcano that can blow any time and take the town with it. 59 more words


A Summons to Memphis: Peter Taylor and the cost of being Southern

Like other Southern writers of his generation (Walker Percy and Shelby Foote come immediately to mind), Peter Taylor explores the lives of upper class Southerners searching for some clue to unlock the terrible allegiances Southerners of a certain background feel to family, home, and tradition – and for what it costs to free oneself of those allegiances. 1,338 more words

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A Little Bit Scary

The command to fear not, I have been told, is found 365 times in the Bible.  Once for each day of the year.  And in reality, there isn’t a lot I truly fear in life.   1,526 more words

Lessons Learned

Another Obama Oldie


Just as a lot of Jews think they have to reconstruct American society because their great-great-grandfathers couldn’t get into country clubs, Baraq Obama has to fundamentally transform the country because of the racial politics of high school parties in the latter half of the 1970s in Honolulu’s elite sector. 20 more words

Worst President Ever

Obama: an opportunity missed on race.

In reply to an Ezra Klein/Vox.com Facebook posting:

I never agree with Ray for myriad reasons, but herein he is correct. In agreeing, I do so knowing he offers only a typical, simplistic, knee-jerk thought.

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