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British & of Afro-Caribbean heritage? 7 reasons to vote Conservative

I’ve been asked to speak at the Caribbean Question Time, organised by the Caribbean Council, later this month. Clearly a big question will be “why should black Britons vote Conservative?”, this is an issue I first spoke about at the 2002 Conservative party conference.   365 more words

Race & Culture

Diversity, Trust, Individualism, & Collectivism

Diversity, Trust, Individualism, & Collectivism

Ted Sallis

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Putnam’s work on diversity revealed that increasing diversity not only lowered levels of between-group trust, but also decreased the levels of trust between individuals of the same group. 809 more words

Western Culture

Amsterdam Chinatown

Did you know that Amsterdam’s Chinatown is literally side by side to the Red Light District? I find this fact to be very amusing due to how conservative Asians are (sexually) compared to Westerners. 377 more words


Links: Blackface and Sono's Apartheid Comment

Update: sign the bilingual petition to Fuji TV to stop the performance on Change.org.

I’ve spent all weekend ranting about the Fifty Shades of Grey,  1,030 more words


What it's like to be Asian in Brazil

I read a Quora question asking about what it’s like to be Japanese Brazilian. I’m very interested in race and immigration, and have been exploring this question for quite some time. 743 more words


Seeing Christ Is All and In All

If this man went to your church, or Tamir Rice or Trayvon Martin, how do you interpret Galatians 3:28 or Colossians 3:11 in light of their experience? 806 more words


what is she?

What is she? Cute as a button, that’s what!

When we’re oot ‘n’ aboot, my daughter’s appearance garners many inquisitive stares. Because of her fair complexion and silken hair, passersby sometimes try to discern without asking outright if there’s a  familial connection. 382 more words