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In Memory -Dorthy Height

Dorothy Height: a civil rights heroine, educator and social activist ; She was a woman who had her finger print on all things American and as the President said,” deserves a place in our history”.    3/24/1912 – 4/20/2010

first posted 4/22/2011

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Time For a Serious Discussion on Secession......

Time For a Serious Discussion on Secession

Liberty Shrugs ^ | 03/24/2015 | PUBLIUS

Posted on 3/24/2015, 6:37:05 AM by Bill Russell

My Fellow FREEPERs… 330 more words

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BREAKING: Richard White, Machete-Wielding Suspect in New Orleans Airport Attack, was Carrying Bag with 6 Molotov Cocktails

Man attacks TSA agents with a machete at New Orleans airport

The machete-wielding man who attacked two Transportation Security Agency workers at a New Orleans airport was carrying a bag holding six… 413 more words

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Someone Like You

I really like both of the actors, even more so the whole thought behind the drama. A man who’s lost his eyesight in an accident that claimed his wife ends up falling in love with two women – one who looks like his wife and one who received his wife’s heart (exhibiting her behaviors). 45 more words

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TELEVISION: Catching Up On 2 Seasons Of ‘House Of Cards’ Depressingly Manageable

SOMERVILLE, MA—Noting that he only needs to watch 26 full episodes of the political drama, local man Ben Atwell revealed Thursday that catching up on the previous two seasons of the Netflix show  183 more words

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