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Alors alors… Ça fait un petit bout de temps que ce blog n’a pas été mis à jour et je suis bien désolée d’avoir failli à mon devoir… 135 more words



One of the advantages of my new digs is the proximity of the local Tesco supermarket. Even before I moved in I paid them my first visit, primarily to buy a sleeping bag for the studio. 44 more words



Thòisich mi air an fhlat a ghlanachadh, a sgioblachadh is a chur air dòigh mu dheireadh. Rinn mi an seòmar-aghaidh an-diugh: chan eil ach grunnan sgeilpichean ann, a h-uile tè dhiubh cumhang is eu-domhain. 47 more words


Digs Net delayed

The Net had already been installed in the studio, only the guy who’d been hiring it before me had failed to terminate the contract. If he’s ready to go on paying for something he can’t use any longer, that’s his business, not mine. 90 more words



Last night I already spent in the new place (the bliss! no talkative or snoring roommmate, no filthy and noisy bastards on the floor; only had 5 hours before my main alarm clock went off but slept like a log) and an hour ago Rob drove me and my other batch of possessions from the hostel to my new digs. 63 more words


Ag imrich ’s a' suidheachadh

Shoirbhich mi. Fhuair mi na h-iuchraichean, ghluais mi na ciad rudan bhon ostail, agus (còmhla ri Rob) an leabaidh bhon t-seilear. Caidilidh mi san àite ùr a-nochd. 107 more words


One more fucking night to go

After more than a month in the hostel, my circadian ‘rhytm’ is a bad joke and my sleep deficit probably amounts to dozens of hours. 86 more words