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Sky's The Limit.

I really feel like the sky is the limit. I’m a dreamer, and I dream in full vivid color HD.

– Will Packer


Not learning correct grammar could lead to disbelief

al-Asma’ee said,

تعلموا النحو فان بني اسرائيل كفروا بكلمة واحدة كانت مشددة فخففوها قال الله: يا عيسى اني ولدتك. فقرءوا: يا عيسى اني ولدتك. مخففا فكفروا 62 more words


#5 Quote of the Week

Words don’t hurt, unless you allow them to.

– Anonymous

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Grammar is like salt in food

ash-Sha’bee said,

النحو في العلم كالملح في الطعام, لا يستغنى عنه

“Grammar in knowledge is like salt in food – it is indispensable.”

Source: Khateeb al-Baghdaadi in “al-Jaami'” (2/28)


The Companions disciplined their children for mistakes in Arabic

Abu Ishaaq al-Talhee said,

أن علي بن طالب كان يضرب الحسن و الحسين على اللحن

“‘Ali bin Abi Taalib would hit Hasan and Husayn for mistakes in grammar.” 28 more words


There's no purpose of seeking hadith without knowing Arabic

Khateeb al-Baghdaadi collects a narration that Shu’bah said,

من طلب الحديث فلم يبصر العربية فمثله مثل رجل عليه برنس و ليس له رأس

“Whoever seeks hadith and does not have insight of the Arabic then his example is like a man who has a hooded thobe without a head .”  48 more words



There have been a lot of times that you doubted yourself and your team. Doubted your ability to lead. To make the team at all. If you’re reading this now: you made it. 80 more words