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Exporting Quizlet to Excel

Before we get too far into German, and its lovely genders (that make no sense to an English speaker), we have to realize that some people that post Quizlet decks have done the dirty work of putting genders before nouns, for us. 5,206 more words


HTML Tags - Flash Cards on Quizlet

I made some flash cards on Quizlet for studying HTML tags:

Source: HTML Element Reference on W3Schools

Each card also has some example code for reference.

5 Quick Tips for Academic Success: Exams

Since I am currently studying for examinations, I thought that I would share with you my current top five study tips for exams.

Exams at University level are challenging, and very broad. 819 more words


Technology with Devotions

You can easily get distracted with the access of technology nearly everywhere. Netflix, social media, and video games can consume your time. However, entertainment isn’t inherently bad.   977 more words


Quizlet - New Vocabulary List

I’ve created a new vocabulary list using the new words from “Les bas du pensionnat”. Please remind your child about it so that he/she can practice a few times per week. 76 more words



S’mae pawb

Dyma QUIZLET, safle we (website) i gael llawer o hwyl wrth (whilst) dysgu Cymraeg!

You don’t need to sign up to do any of the quizzes. 49 more words

Using Quizlet for Learning German

There is a flashcard website known as Quizlet, that you may or may not have heard of. It has become extremely popular with educators and self-learners, as well as those learning languages. 178 more words