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cross-platform productivity apps for EAP students

My students live obsessively on their mobile phones and tablets, sometimes too much so and most of us have had that mental debate about whether to let them use their phones in class. 1,670 more words


Post 9: PET preparation materials

Dear All,

I’m going to use the thread following this post to share some more PET preparation materials in addition to those I give you information about in my blog posts. 177 more words

EDTECH 513: Coherence Principle

The Coherence Principle


According to Clark & Mayer, the coherence principle may be the single most important of those presented.  In summary, it basically states to not over do it with extra unrelated graphics, sound, and media.   452 more words

2.3 Computer-Based Technologies

Apps in Action: Using iPad as a Revision Tool

With exam season fast approaching, teachers across the land will be hoping and praying that their learners are revising thoroughly for that final push. There are many different ways to revise effectively and many individuals have preferred methods. 1,201 more words

Easy Study Hack for Cramming for Exams and Midterms

We all have summer fever–there is no doubt about it–but we cannot let that summer fever get the best of us and our studies! So, to help y’all cram for midterms (as I am doing right now *wink*), I am going to tell y’all about my favorite online, study application–Quizlet! 345 more words

Crucial Confrontations: Part One Work On Me First

I am terrible at conflict. I normally give in or back down. the problem is I stew and become angry over every further violation. I think “Don’t they know they have already stepped over the line? 114 more words

Crucial Confrontations: Tools For Resolving Broken Promises

Tips for how to prepare for the Högskoleprovet/ Swedish college entrance exam

On March 28, the next college entrance exam for Sweden will be given.  Here are some tips on how you can prepare:

Learn about how the test is organized… 122 more words