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Wrecked Truck Became «The Terminator»

“Terex” – The Norwegian Terminator. (Photo: Jan Smiebakken/NRK)

Jan Smiebakken is such a big fan of the Terminator films that he made himself a full-size robot. 187 more words


Still Life X Fruit

This is the second editorial for Juicebox magazine’s out and about issue, I worked on this editorial with Jennifer Burke. I was the photographer for the shoot and Jennifer was the art director, Burke came up with the concept and got the fruit and some of the jewellery. 12 more words


'Are you serious?' Maternity ward abuzz with coincidences for cousins born 18 hours apart

Two brothers. Unexpected babies on the way. Both boys. Same due date.

The quirky Benjamin family baby-boom had nurses and visitors at Windsor Regional Hospital’s Met campus marvelling last week at cousins born less than 18 hours apart. 701 more words


Jodorowsky's Dune

When a visionary genius tries to make a mind-blowing movie about a popular young man who is fond of spice and worms, he is thwarted by a bunch of accountants. 11 more words


Palm Springs

I really love the desert.  I grew up in an exceptionally green region, which of course is glorious, but such is the nature of humans (I think) to always yearn for the opposite. 309 more words


True Detective

In a land of deep darkness, two bickering boy scouts compete for the honour badge while chasing an abstract taxidermist who leaves behind a trail of unpopular sculptures with evocative music playing in the background. 15 more words


Everybody's good at something (and I'm good at making crumble)

She’s hilariously quirky. Her song is trite. Her musicianship is weak. Her presentation is garish. But it works. All of the pieces come together in a wonderfully light-hearted way that is both self-expressive and ego-free, which in itself is a huge accomplishment. 657 more words