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I'm a little quirky.

I started talking about the Start book I’ve been plowing through when this new blog began last Monday. I tend to get a little side tracked and there is a lot going on to pull my attention away so you’ll have to excuse me. 615 more words


Italian Quirks

I’ve been living in Italy for over three months now so I think its fair for me to share some of the weirder parts of Italian culture. 502 more words

Things you must like and/or be willing to put up with if you date me

Saturday while I was doing homework in the library (finished it all, SCORE!) I was listening to my classical music Pandora station that I listen to while doing homework. 337 more words


I Used to Assign Genders to Letters of the Alphabet ( and other quirks about me)

While I wouldn’t define myself as “Quirky”, I definitely have my fair share of quirks:

I’ve had several little habits that I’ve done since I was younger that I thought I’d share a couple of them … Just for fun, so please no one get offended. 259 more words



A report from Statistic Canada released this week says Vancouverites have the lowest life satisfaction of all Canadians.

Vancouver scored 7.8/10. 129 more words



Today is budget day in Canada, which means the finance minister must purchase/wear new shoes. Apparently it’s a tradition, however even the government has difficulty tracing its origins… 43 more words