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Cinderella's Inbox

I don’t know if this should eventually become a feature of it’s own, like “That’s So Quirky” or something, but I have so, so many quirks and superstitions that I observe. 486 more words

Quirks and Things

We share a coffee. Peruvian medium blend from Loves. Cream but no sugar. The coffee is in my cup holder. Every time she takes a sip she turns the cups spout towards me while I’m driving.

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Confessions of a Geeky Writer

Let’s face it with characters in the literary world the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, Hemingway or even Stephen King the mystique of ‘the writer’ has become interesting. 685 more words


There are signs I’ve noticed about you. Signs that I picked up after ages of staying by your side and being in your life. Signs that I know only I ever notice, because no one else is ever looking for them, but I am… 525 more words


Eventually, after many seasons had passed and I’d weathered out the storm I realised that it didn’t matter how hard I tried to make things work. 210 more words

Under the Bridge

One of the things that surprised me about Romanians was how little interest they showed in their relatives who were working abroad to support them. 217 more words