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Quirks Are Us Thursday | Volume #3

I like the word “quirk”; it’s quirky. A much better term than “weird” to describe the little idiosyncrasies that make me, me.

Here are a few more quirks that make me, me. 303 more words


Signs You've Found A Long Term Partner

So I seem to have these random musings that I think oh I’ll write a blog post on that even if it’s a partially shaped idea and I have no clue where it’s going. 925 more words

The Totally Ridiculous Guide To Relationships

YOU Come Up With the Title - 10 Writerly Confessions

1. I’m not a Coffee-Shop writer. I’m a Lock Myself in my Room and Halt Work Immediately When Someone Else Enters Like I Have Been Caught Trying to Smuggle Contraband Beagles writer. 614 more words


Six quirks you’ll recognise if you own an ex-racehorse

If you’ve looked at the horse market recently you’ll see it’s littered with ex-racehorses. Although they can make great horses, they do have a few traits which certainly don’t appeal to everyone… 799 more words


The Hands

I am not sure when I started noticing her wrinkled, gnarled hands. I have seen them when the skin was a little firmer. Yet, even as those pair of hands aged, the strength remained steadfast, Even in the last 10 days, those hands were unwavering as it sought to scratch the surface of anything they could find. 659 more words


"Love Sick Romeo/Juliet" types who come to me and other shit

I don’t know if it’s a curse really.

I’ve been schooled in lots of areas of magic. Studied hard, and I’m very experimental/curious. Never did love magic ever, except for when I found my soul mate, Tom. 663 more words


A New Scratch

I don’t consider myself OCD, but I have particular ways that I like to do things. Some things scratch at my anxiety until I have to do them, then somehow, I learn to laugh at the scratch until it no longer remains. 127 more words