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A Sad Love Story

This is a sad love story |ω・`) #I’m totally not feeling well# Pic 1: “On a Spring Day Thinking of Li Bai” by Du Fu; Pic 2: “Thinking of Li Bai, at Heaven’s End” by Du Fu; Pic 3: “A Message to Meng Haoran” by Li Bai I love Mr. 28 more words


better unsaid

Some things are better left unsaid. So I text them.


撕逼 [sī bī]

撕逼 v. & n. Tear up+vagina. This Internet slang term originally referred to catfights, angry quarrels between women, but now it has evolved to describe online disputes carried out with intense hostility and bitterness, especially between celebrities. 69 more words


Opening An Inn in the Wuxia World

-What should be noted when it comes to opening an inn in the wuxia world? -Mount the following large-sized Chinese characters on the wall: Wanna fight? 14 more words


The Right Eye

Grave Robbery Note: After acting in The Left Ear, Yang Yang went on to act in The Right Eye.

盗墓笔记, 杨洋演完《左耳》然后又去演了《右眼》


蠢萌 [chǔn méng]

蠢萌 adj. Adorkable. Both dorky/silly and adorable. This Internet slang term is used to show affection.

#Bounty Hunters Wallace Chung# #Movie Bounty Hunters# #Wallace Chung# 233333333333 【I added subtitles. 42 more words


An Academic Overachiever of Stories

After the English test of the College Entrance Examination was over yesterday afternoon, students briskly walked out of the examination hall. Among them was a particularly confident male student. 49 more words