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forgetting names

It’s worrisome when you forget a household name. It’s more worrisome when you forget every name in your household.


How to Properly Manage Parents' Fighting

It is said that while I was a child I was so stoked seeing my parents fighting that I would keep jumping up and down barefoot on the couch and claping hands and shouting ,”Go go go!” My parents would always feel as if they were bulls or cocks in a bullfight or a cockfight so that they would stop fighting out of embarrassment. 10 more words


I Know

“Say you like me.”

“You like me.”

“No. It should be ‘I like you’.”

“I know.”


bet the farm

If you bet the farm, you can use cow chips.


up the creek

The good thing about being up the creek is that they can’t cut you off at the pass.



Sometimes I

like to wonder

about the things

that fly around

my head.

They exist to flitter

and flutter

and to float around our

headspace…until… 12 more words


head covering

Some bury their head in the sand to avoid facing that they’re in over their head,