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Do you see me?

Under the murky waters?

Cry along, weep, and cry some more.

Don’t forget, the reason your here.

Never say why, just always say how… 56 more words

Puisi / Poetry

Book(s) of life...

The address is 150 Deasngate, Manchester, fashioned in late Victorian neo-Gothic style by Basil Champneys. It sits north of Quay and Peter Streets, east of River Irwell, and refuses to be ignored. 282 more words


"Not shy but quiet"

The sound of silence
as a roaring tiger in the wild.
The sound of silence,
beastly to ears that can not hear it’s power.
The sound of silence, 50 more words


Quiet Bacon Day

Good Morning Peeps!   Having a QUIET Caturday – fortunately, other than the occasional crunching sound on that nice crispy bacon, it’s almost ALWAYS quiet at my house on Caturday. 162 more words

Life With Cats

I'm Here, in This Quiet Power

An artist is always dreaming, and often acting on that dream. Lately, I’ve been spending more time in the quiet space that reveals the heart, instead of in the mind that is always pushing and struggling. 231 more words



You better go to psychiatrist. Those were just words but they hit me badly and I have been thinking deeply. Do I really need to visit psychiatrist, have I lost my mind? 200 more words

True Words