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Quiet: the power of introverts Discussion Journal

Quiet. Sometimes I wonder what that is. Birds and bugs in a forest could drown out the sound of a falling tree, even if someone… 573 more words

"How can you tell an introvert is attracted to you? He looks down at your shoes instead of his own."

I think I’ve considered myself an Introvert ever since I first heard the word, probably elementary school.  To me it meant weird, quirky, and different, which I found way more desirable than being normal; the normal kids were kinda jerks.   693 more words

From the bookshelf: Quiet by Susan Cain

Something that I like to do every once in a while is to go back and reread books that I have read in previous years. This past week I just reread one of my favorite books from 2012: Susan Cain’s “ 202 more words

TED Talk

Tell Us About Yourself: Sending an Introvert Into a Tailspin

Freaked out at the thought of having to introduce yourself to strangers?

Several months ago I blogged about my BIG discovery {here}, after reading Susan Cain’s, … 735 more words


Life is Nonfiction: Part II

In my post Life is Nonfiction I shared a list of 25 favorite nonfiction audiobooks. In the upcoming weeks I want to share an overview of each audiobook and some key insights I gained from listening while working on crafting projects, walking my dogs, or riding in the car. 915 more words

Nonfiction Audiobooks

Wherever did the day go?

today was mostly spent listlessly. and then I finally got myself up out of bed and dressed in clothes that are acceptable to wear in a public setting, then carried out some thoughtful research on a future career with the Royal Navy, before embarking on a brave adventure to procure myself a rather large cappuccino.  127 more words


Falling open to the world

In the beautiful conversation between Ann Hamilton and Krista Tippett, which I wrote about earlier this spring, Hamilton is formulating very nicely some of the yet unfinished thoughts I have been struggling with… 285 more words