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Learnt in my life

Things I need to survive

Isn’t just a breath taking away

Isn’t just love making me sway

I need to just carry on… 366 more words


At Sea

 At Sea
Sun kissed
             your lips
Sun kissed
             your hair on my cheek
Sun kissed
             and salty,
                           your skin

Your skin      kissing my lips
Your eyes     kissing my lips
Your fingertips
                   kissing my lips

Your lips
Sun kissed

by HK MacLeod



Stressed fear, feared stress
Found through frequencies on this planet
Plan it how you want
No integrity in your request

Through a melted heart
with acceptance never felt as a child, 62 more words

Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi - Solving DISM 'the Drive can't find the sector requested'


You’re like me, and super excited to start playing with Windows 10 for the Internet of Things (IoT) on your Rasperry Pi 2.  But when running… 172 more words