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Elbow licking

She looked at me, frowned and said, “Do you ever feel like you’re working for something you’re never going to get? That what you want, your heart’s utmost desires, is something you’ll never attain. 65 more words


Another Drinking Song Update

I was able to keep my promise yesterday.  For the first time in quite a while, I went an entire day without a drink.  I’m going to try to repeat that feat tonight.   70 more words


Sleigh bells

If you’re hearing sleigh bells, it’s just me battling the dragons again. I am aways triumphant. First, I must nap!


Dr. McDougall's Vegan Meal Plan: Day 1 (Just Breakfast and Lunch)

Happy Summer!

So I decided that it was time to lose the rest of baby weight and get back to my blog now that my daughter is big and healthy and all that fun stuff. 1,086 more words


Love me or Love me not!

laziness has tied the fingers, both in spellbound attraction to one another…so lets do a quickie!

Love is a choice, it is a decision expressed in actions (may look preemptive but it’s sometimes basically more subconscious) still doesn’t make it any less a get-you-involved decision to make. 97 more words


For my next trick…

I’ll start this post by saying hello again, and apologizing for my two month absence. I’ve used University as an excuse for my sloppy posting schedule since the start of the year, but now I can no longer hide behind such a time-consuming tie. 372 more words


Prompt #2 - Bread

Both their stomachs growled.

He hesitated to stop his companion who continued to fast-walk five meters ahead of him, but their stomachs had already protested when their mouths refused to. 333 more words