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Lemon Chicken Thighs

I love an easy recipe.  LOVE IT.  And this one is easy AND delicious.  AND it can be frozen for later, and it can be prepared in the CrockPot, if desired!  512 more words

Speedy Eggplant Steaks

I used to do this with sweet potatoes, which I totally recommend, but I barely eat Eggplant* and this is a good way to get some of the purple stuff. 87 more words

Chili Beef & Pork Lettuce Wraps

The other day I made amazing scrambled eggs — the Gordon Ramsay way. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular scrambled eggs. See… 477 more words


Paleo Crepes with Portobellos and Baby Spinach

These crepes are a great option for taking advantage of some of the local ingredients in Ecuador – yucca starch (or flour) and coconut.  Both of these ingredients are also available in the US, yucca starch probably most easily found in a Latin market and coconut flour in any specialty or health food store.  391 more words


Moroccan fish with almond couscous and minted yoghurt

This recipe (which was inspired by one from the Australian Women’s Weekly Quick & Fast book) has rapidly become one of my all time favourite dinners to make and eat. 230 more words


Keto Fruit Yogurt

Everyone I start on keto always asks the same question eventually.  Can I have fruit?  I always give them the run around because fruit generally isn’t an acceptable keto food item…except for berries.  169 more words


Spinach and Artichoke Flatbread Pizza

It’s Meatless Monday, everyone! And like any Monday, I’m tired and got home from work without the energy to cook anything elaborate. It’s times like this I am thankful for all of the quick, no hassle recipes up my sleeve… Like this delightful spinach and artichoke flatbread pizza.   295 more words

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