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Moroccan Style Mussels

I’ll never forget the first time I tried mussels. It was my 12th birthday and I was in Chicago visiting family for Thanksgiving. We went to a Moroccan restaurant to celebrate my birthday and it was there where I fell absolutely in love with mussels. 461 more words


Blackened Chicken Breasts with Avocado

Sometimes chicken is boring and I hate eating the same thing over and over again, so this is sure to spice up your meal rotation. 186 more words


Good old Uncle Ben's :)

Okay so something cropped up and I didn’t have time to spend hours boiling quinoa but I had already defrosted the chicken – darn it! 120 more words


Stock Knowledge, Quick Money

I use this For Targeted Web Traffic http://mscca.net There are many online money ideas floating around the web, especially now that many people have been laid off from their old work. 41 more words

Home Made Granola With Honey

Making home made granola is super easy and healthy. You can use your imagination to add as many as nut or seeds or dried fruits you want to get the flavors you carve. 113 more words


Last week's quick dinner

funnily enough, these ingredients match quite well!

cook 250g red lentils (not too soft!)

cook 1-2 sweet potatoes (well-to-bite as well)

fry 250g mushrooms with onion and garlic, later add ginger… 53 more words


Quick and tasty lunch in Brussels #1 : Café de l'Industrie

How cool it is to start this serie with a freshly opened address  : the Café de l’Industrie on the place du Samedi, next to the rue de Laeken (which by the way is becoming… 116 more words