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Hello Friends!

I’m Cait and I will be your hair guru! (kinda).  Though I don’t have any professional experience, I have been doing hair for my friends and families for all kinds of occasions (such as parties, New Years, Weddings, Great Gatsby inspired events, Halloween…pretty much anything you can think of) and I also put a lot of work into my own hair on a daily basis.  84 more words

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Feeling Like Its Back To Square One

It was a busy day at work yesterday, and it says a lot that our team lead was also forced to take calls last night.  The brokerage queue was pretty much overwhelmed, and while our own queue didn’t back up on us, we did experience call spikes.   265 more words

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QUT Art Museum | Performance Now ... - 010315

Hey! There’s this great exhibition, Performance Art, focused on the art of live performance at the QUT Art Museum that’s about to end on 1st March, Sunday. 117 more words

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Just A Little Bit Done

I finally finished the permission letter, which means that the only thing left to be done is for my father to sign the darned thing.  Of course then it’s just a little matter of scanning both my passport as well as my sister’s (thankfully she left her passport here at the house), then email them all to our bank’s credit card arm.   122 more words

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We have a logo now!

Thanks to our lovely friend Jesse for making us such a beautiful logo for our site and videos! You can check out his other work on his website!

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A Quickie Post & A Favourite Quote

Hi lovelies,

Just a quick Monday evening post (school’s started again so I’m suddenly discovering all my blogging and lazing time disappearing!) because I just wanted to say a couple of things. 264 more words


Late Night Thoughts

It feels like having this huge mirror in front of you all the time. No matter how great the distances you’ve traveled to reach where you are, when you crane your neck to absorb the view, a sense of upsetting familiarity overwhelms. 65 more words