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Money In The Bank, And It Feels Fine

Just as planned, I woke up early in the day to both deposit my salary, and then cash the severance check that I got last week from my previous employer.   231 more words

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Took That Long To Recover

My word, last night’s shift was… a trial to say the least.  I think it’s the shift with the most calls of any of us to day, with myself taking in a grand total of 78 calls.   204 more words

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Weekly Life Lessons - Vol. 1

Each and every day, though we often fail to realize it. We are learning, taking in new information, observing the world around us. Sometimes it’s great, other times, it can be quite a drag. 311 more words

College Life

Welcome To The Matrix


Is where I been all of this time yo!Haahaha.Hello everyone.Well,I should say,Good early morning everyone.It’s about 7 minutes away from 4AM at the time of writing and I am dead tired and sick yo!Fever is kicking my ass all over this room. 219 more words


Many Detours Before Home

I didn’t go straight home after yesterday’s shift, as I had a scheduled general assembly to attend immediately afterward.  So I took my things from my locker, then headed up to the tenth floor with some of the other people from account.   266 more words

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Quick Post

Ella and Emma have come a long way with the number of words they know! Now we are working on clarity of speech and two+ word phrases: tall tree instead of just tree, brown bear instead of just bear, etc. 154 more words


The Mascara Files: Declumping

Today I wanted to show you guys a tip for declumping mascara. Mascara can clump if you put on too much or if your mascara is drying out. 148 more words

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