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On vacation since 3/21. I became an aunt on 3/27. Will stay on vacation until probably the end of May.

Thanks for sticking around.

See you soon.


30 Day BJD Questionnaire - Day 2

Due to yesterday’s snowy weather, Bjd game Sunday post was delay to right now. Apologies.
Without further ado.

Do you own any BJD? If so how many and if not, do you have any plans to at the moment? 32 more words


30 Day BJD Questionnaire - Day 1

Why do you like BJDs?

  • I like them because they are very pretty and versatile. They have also helped me learn a lot of new things that I wouldn’t have other wise.
  • 116 more words

BJD Questionnaire

Since I’m done with editing/updating the blog for now, I decided to do a questionnaire I found on tumblr.
I’ll probably make this a weekly thing, maybe call it BJD Game Sunday or something. 459 more words


With all the updating I did, there’s still a lot that I want to change like the doll links on the side there. I’m thinking adding some blue… maybe. We’ll see. :)


I've changed my mind. :)

I had just posted a post about moving to Blogger (I deleted the post) but I decided not to. I’ll just wait until the blog’s renewal and get Custom Design added. 8 more words


Too Many Ideas or Lack of Them...

Hello Everyone!

Lately I’ve been brushing up on my doll pattern making by watching some pattern making videos. I’ve got to say those have definitely helped. 136 more words