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What is the Horeb height and why is it important?  241:23-27

Questions And Answers

Liebster Award.

I was recently nominated by the lovely Primrose at The Thoughts of Primrose for a Liebster award. I had never heard of this before and did some research of my own to find out a little more information about it. 736 more words


Questions and Answers

What is the result when the Lord comes with a strong hand?  Isa 40:10,11

Questions And Answers

More Liebster Stuff

It has come to my attention that I wrote my Liebster post both too slowly and in too much of a hurry, because I totally missed… 1,206 more words

general question of everyone...might be helpful :)

Gurudev, I tend to hurt people whom I love and push them away. Why do I do so? I am scared of love now.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: 274 more words