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Another Interview

I had a job interview today.  I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.  I feel like a burden and I feel like just letting everyone how I feel about the situation I’m in.  100 more words

My Life

Do We Still Not Understand?

While reading in Mark, chapter 8, this morning, I kept hearing the conversations Jesus and His disciples were having – and it hit home with me. 378 more words

Make A Difference

Are you a good leader or do you just suck less than your predecessor??

With thanks to @VinceMolinaro of Knightsbridge for causing me to laugh uproariously when I read this an hour or so ago!

Although some might say this is a crude expression, I think it is a great brass tacks, where the rubber meets the road type of question that should provoke a hell of a lot of thought in any leader.   535 more words

The shortest distance between two points is NOT a straight line. What is straight anyways?

There’s this fun thing that happens when you leave euclidean geometry behind: straight lines are no longer straight. This also happens around black holes and other places where gravity is super duper di duper strong: light curves and therefore straight lines also curve. 451 more words


Our Universe, the Universe.

Modern scientific study of cosmology suggests the size of the universe is constantly expanding. We do not know for sure what exists outside of our solar system. 301 more words


Understanding Rigor

For several years “Rigor” has been the buzz word in education. We hear about rigor from the content offices, administrators, and department chairs. With as much as rigor is discussed and expected in the classrooms there is always that underlying feeling of confusion. 598 more words