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Playing games and having fun!

I love playing games in lessons, and I hope my students do too. Obviously these games always have a purpose. Sometimes there are prizes, sometimes the prize is just the feeling of being a winner and making good progress. 638 more words

The Wisdom of Questioning God

We live in an age of “Why?” In many capacities this is a good and wondrous thing; man’s insatiable curiosity has led to incredible leaps in aerospace, biology, literature, filmography, technology, and so many other scientific fields. 1,465 more words

Question Yourself

*It’s been a busy couple of weeks. There are few things I enjoy more than sitting down to write for Outspoken Ally, so I’m happy to be back on track.* … 489 more words


Stay at home mom detective agentcy part 2

A group of moms like to get together and socilize. One of there newest inducties if you will was a new mom whose husband was serving overseas. 629 more words


You Can’t Have a Dialogue About Learning Without Back and Forth Questioning

8 Strategies To Help Students Ask Great Questions

04/14/2015, Terry Heick


This is a real wealth of resources on questioning.  Many ideas to choose from.  Applicable across grades.

Oral Language

When Jesus asked for food (or, how I realized Easter is an ordinary thing)

Sometimes the Easter story is just plain unbelievable to me.

Doubts invade my prayer and distract me from the whole point of the story— of the entire core of my faith. 612 more words