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A Year of Heartbreak and Discovery

Tuesday marked one year since the day I came out to my wife and told her that I was questioning my gender.  One year I have been on this journey, and somehow I am still standing and in one piece.   1,619 more words


Deciding to Decide for Yourself

Anxiety is something that is so specific and individual to a person. Each person experiences it in a different way. Recently, society has allowed the stigma of anxiety to be removed. 492 more words


The 80/20 Rule...How Paleo is Paleo ENOUGH?

My mind has been percolating and thinking about what I wanted to say in this entry for ages.  I really want to address something I have struggled with during my transition to the Paleo lifestyle, and still struggle with to this day: … 1,436 more words

The Question of Time

the ocean rises and falls like the breath of time
as I stare at its teeth it poses a question
its unfathomable depths beyond feeble thought… 324 more words


On God- when rhymes fail

There are no longer any of the good light hopeful parts of me that assured my soul of its salvation and unity with God
They have all passed away… 241 more words

Your One Wild and Precious Life

You may know Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day, where she asks, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” 346 more words

July 1, 2015

Like I stated in my last post, here’s a large update on what’s been going on with me lately. 804 more words

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