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Okay Senator, You Asked...

I don’t usually wade in to the political cesspool, but this was too good to pass up. I don’t think Senator McMorris-Rodgers was expecting quite this response to her Facebook query. 8 more words

New (and Renewed) Directons

A Mathematical Problem

You were half.

You met your other half and became whole.

Your other half left and you became less than half.

Were You ever Whole at all?

Problem Solving


Walk against the wind

Uphill legs lose momentum

Questioning the path

Haiku Poetry

Existential Crises aren't Cool

First of all, let me make something perfectly clear. Existential Crises aren’t danisnotonfire’s (the youtuber) thing. I’m sure when Dan shared the fact that he had regular ECs with the internet, it was never his intention to make them “his thing”. 434 more words

[Video] How Terminator inspired faster and "liquid" 3D printing

Perfect example of questioning and reframing the challenge and developing innovation from the blind spot

Joseph DeSimone is a scholar, inventor and serial entrepreneur. A longtime professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, he’s taken leave to become the CEO at Carbon3D, the Silicon Valley 3D printing company he co-founded in 2013. 45 more words


Beginning to think creatively – Breaking down your thinking

Getting out of the known zone (Lesson)

So you’re reading this because your thinking ‘advertising’, but first we need to think ‘thinking’. To think creatively you’ve got to forget everything you think you know. 346 more words