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Questioning Society with the Return of Chapter TK

I told you I wasn’t going to disappear from the blogosphere and that was true. I’m not quite up to snuff, yet and there are still boxes scattered about my apartment, but I am committed to my return. 598 more words

Culture & Society

Questioning Society Part I.

I am growing up with a privileged lifestyle: food for when I’m hungry, clothes for when I ‘run out’ of outfits. Despite the countless opportunities I’ve had, I see a very biased world. 481 more words

Questioning Society

It's what we do that defines us?

Are we what we do?

A few days ago I was watching Batman Begins (yes I am a comic book/superhero movie junky).  Something that stuck out to me more than usual was this theme of, “It’s not who I am on the inside, but what I do that defines me.”  Originally, this quote came from Jane Austen whom I adore.  378 more words

Questioning Society

who owns your body?

When will women’s bodies have only one owner?

An alarming report came to my attention a few weeks ago:  women prisoners in California are being sterilized without their consent.  253 more words

Empower Women

What is the truth?

Does truth exist?

We think of truth as this unshakable, immovable force which carries us through life.  It is a never ending reference point to which we return so that we don’t get lost.  474 more words

Questioning Society

depend on it, not me

Are we more dependent on things than on people?

Our society is becoming more and more dependent on things: computers, cell phones, cars, starbucks etc.  However, if one does not have all of those things, does that mean they are not part of society?  434 more words

Questioning Society

it's a big world after all

It’s a small world when we consider our degrees of separation shrinking as a result of technology.  However, despite all of the information and communication highways, it can be easy to remain enclosed in a community without allowing anything beyond to penetrate it. 454 more words

Empower Women