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Think about a Dead Body

Have you seen a dead body? Does it seem to you that it is the same person who was alive? It doesn’t! It seems like the person who was in this body has escaped and left the body. 230 more words


How Do You Know When You're Not Dissociated?

My question is…what markers or characteristics confirm for you at any given time that you are, in fact, not dissociated? How do you know when you re grounded or centered? 72 more words

Q81. Student: “Sir, my mind is very uncomfortable.”

A. Master: “Bring your mind to me, and I’ll make it comfortable.”
Student: “I can’t find it anywhere.”

Oh! Poor fellow.
It is like he’s saying that he can’t find his mouth. 10 more words


Ask the Question....

What is necessary?

That question makes me cry.

What is necessary in my life?

Writing, Learning, Movement, Love, Healthy Eating, Friends, Breathing, Meditation, Loving, Growing, Family, Joy, Connections, Fresh Air, Sunshine, Gentle Streams, Green Grass, Trees and Flowers, Bliss, Being Loved, Touch, Flesh to Flesh, Creativity, Finding Love, Birdsong, Music, Singing, Dancing, Peace. 16 more words