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Today's Bugs

There was a lot of insect activity today.  Loads of butterflies, although nothing I haven’t already seen for the year.  Lots of odonates, also.  But along with the “good” bugs were a bunch I wasn’t so fond of.   92 more words


Should we give this writer a "time-out"?

Does the person responsible for this misplaced question mark on Yahoo! Parenting deserve an editorial “time-out”?

Unless the words within quotation marks are a question, the question mark goes after the closing quote mark.


Celebrate the Question Mark

Recently I got a job tutoring students on the weekend. Usually between six and fifteen students, in many ways the job is like teaching a class in a regular school. 878 more words


So tell me what you want

How many times in your life have you been asked what you want?  I’m guessing more than a few, as it’s a seemingly simple question.  Every day we make decisions about what we want: what clothing we want to wear, what food we want to eat, where we want to go, and what we want to do.   648 more words

Question Mark

sugar, oh honey honey [+ loves]

Fun fact: I am obsessed with documentaries– particularly ones that pertain to the medical field (or science in general).

Recently, I watched Fed Up, an enlightening piece on the global sugar industry.   270 more words


UTF-8 replacement sign, diamond

Bumped into when people cut and pasted from word to WordPress edit form? When viewing strange signs using utf-8 the diamond with the question-mark will show in the post. 47 more words