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Three Ways to Respond to Punctuation...April 30, 2015

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Words are the soundtrack of our relationships. They mingle melody, mood and movement to generate the music of our interaction.

And words are… 294 more words

The Rule Of Three

Pesky Punctuation, Pt. XII: The Question Mark

The world is a wild place, full of uncertainty and chaos.

Don’t go out alone! Here, take this with you—the question mark.

The question mark in its current form is attributed to English scholar, poet, and teacher… 365 more words

The Basics: The Question Mark

Question marks are the epidomy of self-explanitory. They mark a question. When someone is asking a question, you put a little squiggle above your period to make it notable. 420 more words


Question marks on life [P]

I wonder if other people has ever wondered about the world before instead of being just content with their own tiny little lives. What are we doing here? 447 more words

Finding balance

So here’s the question that has been clouding my mind as of late… how does one find balance?  With everything in life constantly changing and evolving, and with so much that is completely out of my control, how do I strike a balance between personal health, family, passions, career, and love? 23 more words

Question Mark

Punctuate with Punch

There are all sorts of strategies for punctuation. While formal writing has consistent standards for punctuation, writers struggle with using comma or avoiding them, and with correct placement of quotation marks. 810 more words

Writerly Housekeeping

"Speak!" Part One

Dialogue and punctuation go together like bread and butter, cheese and toast, rhubarb and custard.

It’s not just a matter of following the rules, though they’re important; it’s what you can do with different symbols to make your characters really speak. 845 more words

Writing - The Process