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New techniques 

Using tape to create negative space designs :)


Book Review: Queer & Trans Artists of Color

Queer & Trans Artists of Color : Stories of Some of Our Lives

Interviews by Nia King

Co-edited by Jessica Glennon-Zukoff & Terra Mikalson

I first was introduced to the work of Nia King by my Queer Studies professor,  Dr.

1,030 more words

Against Asking "Male or Female?"

I’ve written before about my evolving relationship with my post-transition body. Last night while meditating naked (don’t knock it til you try it), I found myself staring at my junk, which is pretty typical. 595 more words


The moment passes too quickly, as always, and Tanim is left hollow and listless in its wake. With trembling hands he lowers Daren’s head to the carpet, smooths the hair from his brow. 352 more words


Personal Reflections on My Second Hormoneiversary.

I haven’t really done much reflective writing about my own personal experiences with transition in a long while. In a lot of ways, I feel like transition more or less ended once my name change was official. 2,071 more words


Back Into the Fire: So Long, Online Dating

In this series of blog posts I’m going to try and chronicle my journey back into the dating arena. Wish me luck.

Now that winter is on its way out (good riddance!) and making it easier for me to leave my home, I am looking forward to dating again.  637 more words


On being my own worst enemy

There’s something comforting about sex with an old lover. Even more so when it’s sex with a recent lover.


In my most recent blog, I wrote about the month or so long relationship I had with Adelaide and how, despite the dreadful instability of the relationship, I found it almost impossible to walk away. 1,347 more words