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Post the Fifty-Seventh: Identity Issues

Identities are complex, Gentle Reader. How do we ever learn who we are, or how to accept who we are? It’s a cultural necessity to wear a mask, and sometimes, we lose track of the face underneath that mask. 513 more words


Day 169.

Im about to go and spend the next 28 hours with my girlfriend and her entire family for s trip to the city to see a sports game. 44 more words

They Are Trying To Trademark The Revolution ‪#‎SolidarityWithJennicetGutiérrez

They are trying to trademark
the revolution
Tell us how it should go down
and what part
we are allowed to play in it
They done forgot what… 547 more words


R. Boyle Heights: Flopping on Flipping

Me: Hey, let’s go on a date.
R. Boyle Heights: I only date guys that flip in bed.
Me: Hmmm.  Well I’m usually an exclusive top but I’d make an exception. 739 more words


a memory

when we laughed in bed on the day of that heatwave
we should have gone outside or the sun sets soon
and we won’t be there to witness it…
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Kayla Bashe, WordPress's newest butch lesbian pixie bard

Follow for feminism, friendship, and queer ladies!

Kayla has been self-publishing for years on Kindle but is overjoyed to be releasing her first novel sale, … 17 more words


[Bernardine Evaristo | Mr Loverman]

‘Questo romanzo travolgente sul sesso, il segreto e la famiglia è il settimo libro di Evaristo. Se non conoscete l’opera di questa autrice, dovreste rimediare subito.’

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