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Mexican Inspiration

This piece is one that never made it into my cookbook memoir manuscript, so I thought I’d share it with you here. Some prompts to go along with it are: 1,430 more words

Writing Prompts +

Music Video // Inspiration

I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut lately whilst trying to think of possible projects to do during my last year of uni and after. 50 more words


Queer Horizons

by Jamie Arjona

Last Friday, following the Supreme Court ruling on “same-sex marriage”, I opened my browser and started scrolling through a glitter-bombed version of my usual newsfeeds. 1,615 more words


혐오와 차별에 관하여.

얼마 전, 멋진 소식이 들려왔습니다.

미국에서 동성혼을 전면적으로 법제화 하게 된 것.

최초는 아니지만 지구상에서 가장 영향력이 큰 국가이고

미국 최초 흑인 대통령의 임기 동안 통과 되었다는 것에 상징적인 의미가 강하기에


"Passing" at church

I don’t go to church, but I made an exception last Sunday for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary.  My family surprised them there and attended service with them, then we took a drive to the church they were married at to take some photos, and then we went out to a fancy lunch. 329 more words



my body is history, mythology, fantasy
my hands have dragged sailors to their doom
my feet have danced to sistrums and chanting
my heart beats the blood of every virgin sacrifice… 104 more words


"MDSLX", di Motus: la libertà di trasformarsi

Per descrivere le emozioni non basta una sola parola: le parole non bastano mai. E questo vale anche per lo spettacolo MDLSX di Motus, interpretato da Silvia Calderoni. 470 more words

Atelier Festival 2015