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Sometimes I can’t get your scowl off my lips; they curl back over my teeth of their own accord, a grimace of pain, a snarl of back-the-fuck-off, and I can’t tell if I’ll lash out or tear at my own flesh; I just want to be closer to becoming you, this beautiful wreckage of a man, this strange angel who leaves ashes in place of fingerprints; I would burn offerings in my throat for you and ink them into my skin with needle and knife, I would worship you in metal and blood and bruises if you would but bless this pathetic mortal body as your temple.


CUNTemporary March 2015 Newsletter

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My Gender Is A Journey

Over a year ago, I wrote a short essay to reflect on the dynamic and fluid (rather than fixed and static) nature of my gender identity.  1,807 more words



A lot of people often think that when a person says (s)he is bisexual, they are just confused. *False Alarm*
Half of the gay people think that bisexual people are straight people looking for fun. 256 more words


[Porpora Marcasciano | AntoloGaia]

«Amichessa, questo è il paradiso: si mangia, si beve, si scopa, ci si droga, senza bisogno di soldi! E poi mare, sole e nudismo. Questo è il comunismo». 409 more words


Queer in a Courtship: Charis's Story

HA note: The author’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity. “Charis” is a pseudonym. Also by Charis on HA: Hurts Me More Than You: Charis’s Story… 1,260 more words


1 March 2015 -- bonus, #sketchbookskool, #sketchaday

One of this week’s bits of homework for Sketchbook Skool is to draw something from imagination. I have lots of imagination, but am still learning to draw things so it’s hard to draw something I just imagined. 42 more words