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On being attracted to the wrong women

I went on three dates with three women last week. Partly as a social experiment and so I’d have lots to blog about. Partly because I want to get back into the dating scene and put Adelaide behind me. 1,135 more words


Give A Paleolithic Welcome to The Cave Queer!

Readers, fear not.

The title of this blog might be a big vague and strange, but I assure you it is plain and simple. Because of health issues I am now eating Paleo and I am queer. 80 more words


Day 22

I haven’t written in too long. 

I have been keeping myself extremely busy with friend dates and events and work. I barely have a minute to breathe. 511 more words

White Feminists Can Be Intersectional Feminists Too

So as anyone who has read my previous articles may know, I’m a bit of a feminist. I’d very much like to call myself a proper feminist – the term is intersectional feminist – but according to a high volume of articles, that’s seldom possible to be if you are White. 774 more words