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The loucheness of the conservative novelist: Angela Thirkell writes about camp

Here’s an extract from my next book, due out in July. This bit is about how Angela Thirkell, that most proper and dictatorial enforcer of correct social behaviour in her novels from the 1930s to the 1950s, let herself go when chortling with the girls about sex.  588 more words

support system

I feel like I really don’t have a good support system and I don’t even know where to begin to find one.
This week has been really horrible for me. 276 more words

#STPP in Action: A Tale Too Often Told

It’s difficult to really understand the School to Prison Pipeline if you are only thinking about it in terms of national statistics, mass incarceration rates, or facts and figures. 509 more words


If you're a feminist, then why do you wear make-up?

“If you’re a feminist, then why do you wear make-up?”

I blinked in surprise at the man sitting next to me at the bar, who minutes ago had struck up a conversation with me. 850 more words


I’m exercising again. I forgot how great it feels to be active. This past year of college has been so crazy and I’ve been so busy that I just let exercising not happen. 162 more words

Gay Boy

Day 131 - This is what recovery looks like.

I got a full time summer job today.

I am about to celebrate my 1 month anniversary with my girlfriend.

I signed a lease with 3 roommates and can financially manage myself. 53 more words

Marriage is not Equality: Thoughts on #MarRef from a worried radical queer

This article is based heavily on the script for the 15/05/15 episode of my radio show, 30 km/s, which airs live online every 2 weeks on… 1,747 more words