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stop. breathe.

I am tired

No. Tired is an understatement

Exasperated and overworked

that is what I have become

Living with a fried brain

an arid body… 43 more words


All Groan Up (Or, Why I Read)

One of the many reasons I read is to find myself.

It sounds counterintuitive, to read about other people in other places doing other things, to learn about  444 more words

Day To Day

Quarter Life Saga

What do you want to be, they asked
When I was young,
Young enough to be happy
With those dreams alone.

And I did have answers, 275 more words


A rare bond

Amazing to find someone
You can jive and totally sync with
From your likes and dislikes
To music taste and such
Where goofing around is normal… 62 more words


borrowed time

I miss your voice

Your deep but soft tone

How you chuckle

And you laugh

That voice that lulls me to slumber

Like a chamomile… 63 more words



i want to feel loved

i am by my family and friends

regardless, i still feel deserted

i want to feel that i am needed… 52 more words


Long Overdue


Welcome dear gentry.

As of press time, I am writing this post at work. HA! *goes to show how my life has been.

This blog and post has long been overdue. 83 more words