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Old timey emojis

My bestie and I were just discussing how our cell phones no longer knew what VHS tapes were (autocorrecting to cat), when we noticed that there are lots of old emojis for things no one even uses anymore. 153 more words



Isn’t it funny how perceptions can change?

We perceive something in one particular way, and believe that it is concrete and unchangeable.  We can’t fathom seeing it in any other light, because we fiercely believe our perception to be absolute.  1,040 more words


30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 8

Share something you struggle with

I see people reaching the peak of their lives at such a young age, while I find myself struggling to find the path to where I’m supposed to be. 335 more words


I know this story

I met someone that seemed to have the intellect of my first love and the fire of my second, laced with history and insight beyond their years . 172 more words


Keep Calm and Say Yes

A lesson I seem to keep relearning is to say “yes” more. I tend to hide my true feelings and hide behind my comfort zone. I just need to say yes more often. 346 more words


Confessions of my quarter life crisis

I am 22 years old and living in a big city.  I am almost a full year out of college and almost a full year into my career.  152 more words

Quarter Life Crisis

I've got problems letting go

Now for something not very profound at all about cake:

It’s amazing how people come and go in your life.  I feel like every person I meet steals a little piece of me.  259 more words