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Don't Call It A Quarter-Life Crisis

In two days I turn 25 years old. 2-5. Two and a half decades of jokes, mac & cheese, and that vague feeling that nobody understands what I’m trying to say. 382 more words


The Single Woman (naaah) Girl!

Iam a female.

Iam in my late 20s.

Iam single.

That’s it. That’s enough to get people (read far-off relatives/ random uncle-aunty) started.
Oh! We know this guy… very decent… 144 more words


10 signs you've hit your quarter life crisis

1) You have to use urban dictionary to speak to anyone under 16.

Who the Feck is Bae anyways?

2) In the last 3 years you have moved 3 times. 195 more words


I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the years'.

Well, I have big news.  Quite big news actually.  Get ready for the confetti and the balloons.  I’ve decided that this is the year I will be moving to Australia for year on a working holiday visa.   107 more words

Quarter-life Crisis

Instrumental meaning...

I just listened to an instrumental for the 30th time this morning. The song is about 4:22 minutes long. Let me tell you about this song and what it meant to me. 53 more words


I Am Not Monica, Rachel Didn't Dress Me, and Other Sad Stories

There is a long version of this that starts when I was 16 months old and my parents had to take away my VHS tape of… 316 more words


I Have Unrealistic Expectations for My Hair, Men, and My Future...I'm Okay With That

Look, Disney World is like my favorite place on the planet, and for a middle class kid that lived 12 hours away, I got to go more than my fair share. 421 more words