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Spooky Physics

In any examination of the quantum physical realm, it rapidly becomes apparent that quantum particles do not behave rationally or as one would expect in the realm of real matter. 878 more words


30: A Terrible Benevolence

Maybe it’s just the shivering carb-coma of winter, when, at least in the aging infrastructure of this particular body, every joint, system, and urge seems creakier and more viscous in its operations. 2,458 more words

First picture of light behaving as a wave and as a particle simultaneously

As we know thanks to quantum physics light can behave as a particle and as a wave at the same time, but until now it was only possible to witness either light’s behaviour as a particle or as a wave, never both at the same time. 391 more words


Good Vibrations

Maybe you think I’m being figurative, or maybe you simply haven’t actually tried it, but for whatever reason—if you read me regularly you should naturally develop skills that help you have a more rewarding life on a day to day basis. 1,164 more words

Scott McPherson

Arm's Length

Arm’s length pushed away
Seasons grown in cloudy grey
Flowing on horizons long gone
Only arm’s length
Keeps bones strong.

Arm’s length holds a fence… 97 more words