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Valiant Recap: Quantum & Woody

This review was originally published at InfiniteComix.com

One of the best things about Valiant is the limited number of books they put out. It allows readers to fully invest in a single universe without requiring a home equity loan or selling one of their children into slavery. 205 more words


Community Champion David Daly is making things grow

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WJCL) – David Daly is a former trainee at the Coastal Center for Developmental Services. Now he’s on the payroll as the Community Garden Maintenance Worker. 285 more words

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How to sleep or not to sleep..

Thinking about the best ways to fall asleep and to fight insomnia, revising my own experience and analyzing the experience of other people, I come up with this unifying theory of.. 1,413 more words



Dear Human,

I guess I have a thing for looking up which always seems to land me lying on a bench somewhere.

It’s a curious thing to watch the sky during the day and know that there are millions of stars and galaxies surrounding me. 194 more words


Time's no illusion - unlike gravity. Weird but true!

It seems axiomatic these days, especially among the quantum woo set, to call ‘time’ an illusion – a perception. Of course this is scientific rubbish. There’s no question that humans… 827 more words