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Can We Change the Past? by Cathy D. Slaght (From 3/18/2015)

Quantum theory says that time is a construct of our mind. I don’t totally understand this concept, but do acknowledge that for those who work 9-5 time sure seems to fly over the weekend and crawl during the work week. 526 more words


The Coldest Place in the Universe

When the Cold Atom Laboratory launches to the International Space Station in 2016, it will become the coldest spot in the universe. Learn how scientists are going to get closer than ever to absolute zero — and why they want to. 6 more words

ECU's Teal Darkenwald

Teal Darkenwald, assistant professor at ECU ‘s School of Theatre and Dance, always creates imaginative pieces that are among my favorites at the department’s dance showcases.   251 more words

Modern Dance

Albert Einstein - The Quantum Theory - Documentary 2014

I watched this documentary hoping to learn more about Quantum Mechanics and Einstein but it covered mostly Einstein and his work. The only part the video mentions Quantum Mechanics is at 1h:25m:29s . 29 more words

Proving Einstein Wrong with 'Spooky' Quantum Experiment

Quantum mechanics is one of the best-tested theories in science, and it’s one of the few where physicists get to do experiments proving that Einstein was wrong. 118 more words

Science Technology

Many Interacting Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

This is the second article that was required by the same module that asked for this website. Similarly to last time, any additions or changes are in italics and there weren’t any pictures in the original. 684 more words