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Does belief shape space and time?

Isn’t it fascinating to read articles such as this from the Science Daily which shares the Quantum Theory of Entanglement and how observation affects reality. 123 more words

The Art Of Narrative

Physics needs philosophy

Tim Maudlin explains why physics needs philosophy: “What philosophy offers to science, then, is not mystical ideas but meticulous method. Philosophical skepticism focuses attention on the conceptual weak points in theories and in arguments.  10 more words

P2: What Can I Know?


Aside from extreme animal cruelty, this thought experiment purposed by Erwin Schrodinger in 1935 was to show the absurdity of quantum theory. He basically put a cat in a box with a radioactive substance and trigger to unleash the substance…with no way of knowing whether or not the trigger unleashed the radioactive substance that would kill the cat, superposition occurs where the cat is both alive and dead at the same time until you open the box. 27 more words



Hi, my name is Radovan; just call me Rado. Hi is ’zdravo’ in Montenegro dialect. So zdravo everyone! You are welcome to the beautiful Renaissance old-town district of Montenegro. 2,047 more words

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Multiple Universes? Please.

The great tragedy of the modern individual is that he absolutely requires a metaphysics, and he absolutely may not have one. What is Pi divided by 3, other than itself? 1,533 more words

From The 10th Floor

Is this abstract art actually HEALING?

Everything is energy. Everything vibrates at some level because all things are made up of the same atomic and subatomic particles. Quantum science has shown that the observer in an experiment can influence the outcome of that experiment! 238 more words