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7 Generations Radio--Physics: What we know--Jeffrey Groff--Feb 21, 2015


Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  Jeffrey Groff, Assistant Professor of Physics, Shepherd University

Jeff describes the Large Hadron Collider and provides information about quantum mechanics and the mysteries of the subatomic world.

Can we change the past through God?

I won’t pretend to understand anything these guys are talking about, but I am always fascinated when scientists talk of Quantum mechanics. In a recent study, a scientist has suggested that contrary to our personal experience time runs both forward and backwards. 1,026 more words


Many Quantum Interpretations

Last time, I had promised you that I would write something on the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics.

Some time earlier, I had also indicated on this blog the philosophical reasons as to why MWI is, IMO, a thoroughly stupid idea, an idea that is so stupid that none can in actuality take it seriously [ 4,119 more words

Way Beyond Teflon

In imagining a universe filled with an invisible substance, it is natural to use air as an analogy. We then run immediately into trouble with Newton’s first law of motion, which is also an assumption in Einstein’s theories: 968 more words


Determinism or Free Will – Part 4

In the first post in this series I laid out a potential way of thinking about indeterminism in the context of naturalism. We could imagine a universe in which no “laws” or regularities were apparent in nature. 2,501 more words