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China Leads in Unhackable Quantum Communication, Completing 2000km Network by 2016

International Daily News carries Xinhua Nov. 2 report that at the 12th International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing (QCMC), University of Science and Technology of China Prof. 324 more words

Chinese Military’s Quantum Communications Not Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

In my post on August 31, 2014 titled “Xi Jinping Exploits Development of Military Technology to Control PLA”, I said, “As far as this bloggers knows, China is making great efforts in developing quantum communications networks that are entirely secure from hacking and cyber espionage.” 594 more words

The "Quantum Imaginary"

The term “global imaginary” is associated with Global Studies scholar Manfred B. Steger, who describes the phenomenon in his 2009 book “The Rise of the Global Imaginary and the Persistence of Ideology” 733 more words

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