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The Craft of Characterisation

I’d like to begin this post by congratulating our two March finalists, Laura McGeoch and Jane Bennett. Both writers constructed stories with intriguing characters and substantial plot-lines. 1,333 more words

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Life is Strange, Episode Two: Out of Time: A Hand Against a Storm

Having played through the first episode of Square Enix’s new title Life is Strange, I have to say I like the idea of playing through a game in multiple parts the same way I’d follow the first season of a new TV show. 707 more words

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Why I Don't Belong to the Firefly Fandom

Discussing the short-lived show Firefly is usually one of those things that gets a rise out of the geek community, whether it’s gushing over characters like Mal Reynolds or bemoaning the Fox channel for not giving the show the chance it deserved. 792 more words

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My Top 5 Inspirations for Writing

Some of my readers might be familiar with my original creative writing content, whether it’s the Flash Fiction stories I’ve posted here on my blog or the short story anthology I published through Amazon. 776 more words

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How to Fail at Social Networking and Other Lessons from Ello

Last year was abuzz with a (supposedly) major change in the social media world: Ello.

For the 6 of you who didn’t hear about this in a thousand news articles and thinkpieces, Ello is a social media site created by Paul Budnitz and other entrepreneurs with a single goal in mind: to build a social networking site that  815 more words

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The Bloody Road Back Home: Black River by Peter Fugazzotto

Earlier this year, I wrote a review for a novella by Peter Fugazzotto called The Witch of the Sands. It was a rare sword-and-sorcery tale, pulling us into the world of a band of sellswords from the North fighting witches and warlocks in the Dhurman Empire. 613 more words

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Diving Back into Cyberspace: Ghost in the Shell: Arise

There are two stories that got me deep into the cyberpunk genre. One is the grandfather of the genre itself, William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer 744 more words

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