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Inca super foods

Quinoa has taken the world by storm recently. A few years back I started seeing more and more of this product here in the US and today I see products like chips, pancakes, pasta, and maybe even Kellogg’s cereal containing quinoa, and of course quinoa in all shapes, sizes and flavors. 1,006 more words


Should Jihadi John have been killed at birth?

I was listening to a discussion this morning about who was to blame that Jihadi John (Mohammed Emwazi ) is what he is. The consensus seemed to be that it was not his parents, it was not the UK, it was not “the system”, it was not his schooling, it was not his childhood friends and it was not his University. 415 more words


Continuous Improvement Tool: Quality Circle

Kaoru Ishikawa, a professor at Tokyo University, is attributed with much of the development of the idea of quality circles. It created great excitement in the West in the 1980s, at a time when every Japanese management technique was treated with great respect. 511 more words


There's A Good Chance You'll Listen To New Migos In A Few Days

Are you tired of blasting Rich N*gga Timeline out of your ride? Don’t worry, because Migos is dropping a new mixtape this week. Earlier today, the Atlanta trio announced that their new mixtape,  42 more words


Lokerping Ciawenindo

Perusahaan kontraktor membutuhkan segera:

  1. General Manager (GM)
  2. Project Manager (PM)
  3. Site Manager (SM)
  4. Supervisor Lapangan (SL)
  5. Cost Control (CCL)
  6. Estimator
  7. Drafter
  8. Surveyor (SV)
  9. Quality Control…
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For My Judicial Branch. The Never Changing Goal In Settlement.

Your only mission.

Both/all parties walk away better off. Nothing less is acceptable in any settlement need. People are worth the time and expense here. I order it always. 113 more words

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