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I made my presentation slides, please enjoy!

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Metaphysics investigation on channelling and telepathy


Metaphysics and Spirituality


The myth of the meridian system

People have been asking me about my practice of Tai Chi recently and, naturally enough, they also want to talk about Chi. What is it? they ask, or more likely: Does it even exist? 1,385 more words


Fierce and Full

In the private lesson yesterday, my teacher pointed out to me that it looked like my lower and upper body were holding back.

This really struck a chord with me, as its is something I have been acutely aware of in other aspects of my life. 660 more words

87 year old Shaolin Monk shows off incredible flexibility

This is an incredible display of flexibility and grace. This is just one reason to train in Shaolin Kung Fu. They put such an emphasis on stretching and building up your chi, or energy/spirit. 124 more words

Shaolin Kung Fu

Just what I thought, everything is energy

One of the things you’re going to hear and hopefully see for yourself by practicing taiji and qigong is that consistent efforts bridge the body’s physical structure with our energetic essence. 42 more words

Tai Chi


In many spiritual traditions throughout the world the breath carries the life force which permeates ones entire body and maintains health and wellbeing. In western spirituality it is called the neuter… 383 more words

Tai Chi

Is Tai Chi and Taoism Opposed to Christianity? A Response

The following is an extracted and extended version of the article “Tai Chi and Christianity“, by Jing-Ping Wong, 8 July 2010, The Record Catholic Newspaper. 2,292 more words