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Why practice Zhan Zhuang?

Good Morning Future Qigong Masters!

Sifu Mario here, I trust you are well. Recently, a member in the group and prospective student asked some very salient questions of me that provoked some great conversation. 446 more words

Holistic Health

This box went everywhere with me

On April 28 I gave my king-sized bed away to a stranger, and for the next fifty-five nights I slept on the beds and couches of family, friends and a few hotel chains. 554 more words


The power of qi

Some people take Qigong initially because they believe it will give them special powers, like telepathy or telekinesis for example. I am reluctant to accept this, despite the fact that I have felt the power of my own qi in class every week. 206 more words

The Tai Chi Teacher

Jan and Marie own an old farm set in a peaceful landscape with wild flowers dotted meadows.Twice a week I park my car along the narrow street in a row of other cars belonging to a bunch of people that at least have one thing in common: they all want to learn tai chi. 953 more words


3 Quick Steps to Choose Qigong Classes!

Not anyone from down the street can become your Qigong Wimbledon instructor. There are many people wanting to learn this art, but they refrain from doing this is because they couldn’t find the right place. 227 more words


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