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You Can Get A S'Mores Frappuccino At Starbucks For A Limited Time, Starting 4/28

I’m kinda glad I fulfilled my s’mores fix by ordering some s’mores flavored protein bars in bulk last week… because this news is dangerous for me! 77 more words


Time Magazine's Top 100 Influential People: SEE THE LIST

Do you agree with some of the selections for Time’s 100 Influential People?  ‘Cuz I don’t agree with the first one.

Kanye West sits at the top of the list, categorized as a “TITAN”, and is on the cover. 44 more words


Scientists Capture Knuckle Crack On MRI, Solve Cracking Debate

Are you a knuckle cracker?!  Or are you the person that cringes at the sound and hastily assures all crackers that they’ll have arthritis for the rest of eternity for doing so? 54 more words


Britney Spears Slams Fan That Calls Her A Fat B****

As she should.

1st off.  Britney isn’t fat.  Secondly…didn’t you pay money to see said “not fat person” in concert?  I’m confused.  Why would you pay money to see someone you clearly don’t like.   28 more words


WATCH: Cavs Playoff Video Released By Local Producer

The NBA playoffs are just ahead!  Local producer DJay Burnz created a video to keep the momentum going:

From our sister station, 92.3 The Fan – The Cleveland Cavaliers closed out the regular season last night with a, 113-108, overtime victory against the… 107 more words


Justin Bieber "Threw A Fit" At Coachella Party

Y’know, after watching the Comedy Central Roast of this guy, I saw a glimmer of hope in him when he said his peace at the end of it; saying it wants to change and be a better person. 61 more words


Reside In Ohio? Here's How Long You're Expected To Live...

Looks like heart disease is our bugaboo here in Ohio.  The people at World Life Expectancy put our average lifespan at 77.52 years, which is 1.90 years less than the national average, citing heart disease as the #1 cause of death in the O-H. 43 more words