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Harry Styles Breaks Down Over Zayn Leaving

Apparently Harry broke down in tears after the news of Zayn leaving the group became public.  Louis put his arm around an imaginary Zayn.

See the sadness… 40 more words


Zayn Malik Has Officially Left One Direction

Oh no!  First he was just taking a break, now he totally out!

Here’s the statement from One Direction‘s FB Page:

After five incredible years Zayn Malik has decided to leave One Direction. 299 more words


Where NCAA Tournament Fans Will Eat In Cleveland

The NCAA tournament at The Q is bringing TONS of tourists to our city, and they’ll be hungry.  Most of them are staying in downtown, so the hot spots, and places like Tremont, will be jammed! 20 more words


Ariana Grande's Amazing Celine Dion Impression

She was on Fallon, and it was her first time talking on a “talk show”?  She killed it with an amazing Celine Dion impression.  She doesn’t seem like a diva to me?



Interesting Name For Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively's Daughter...

It’s “James”.  LeBron fan maybe?  That’s the first time I’ve ever heard a baby girl named “James”.

See his explanation HERE


You Might Be Using Toilet Paper Wrong!

Over or under?  It makes us so mad when it’s under!  AHHH!  Why do we get so upset about that?

The right way to do it is…HERE


Starbucks Is Now Writing This On Your Coffee Cup

The Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is asking baristas to write the phrase “Race Together” on cups to encourage conversations about race.

The Senior VP of Communications, Corey duBrow, was slammed with negative comments about the campaign on social media, he deleted his Twitter account.

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