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Are The Indians Cursed Because Of This Picture?

I don’t believe it!  They are going to be great!

This week's cover (3/4): MLB Preview: Why the @Indians will win their first series since 1948…

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Where NCAA Tournament Fans Will Eat In Cleveland

The NCAA tournament at The Q is bringing TONS of tourists to our city, and they’ll be hungry.  Most of them are staying in downtown, so the hot spots, and places like Tremont, will be jammed! 20 more words


Here's Why You Shouldn't Have A Beard

It’s gross?

Experts have warned that beards are nothing more than a ‘bacterial sponge’, full of bacteria.

Facial hair can lead to more skin infections and germs being passed… 30 more words


How Would You React If Your Man Gave You This?

A man in China bought his  girlfriend a boob job for her birthday, and ended up getting dumped.

He scheduled the woman an appointment at a local cosmetic surgery clinic, somehow thinking it was a good idea. 19 more words


WARNING: Creepiest Baby Shower Gift EVER!

I’m not sure why realistic baby cakes are popular…maybe it’s just a ridiculous thing to do?

See it HERE


Dakota Johnson Has Awkward Moment With Ryan Seacrest

Dakota Johnson tells Ryan Seacrest what she took from the set of “50 Shades of Grey”, and it got awkward.  Ryan didn’t know what the “toy” was.



Like Chipotle? Then Read This...

It always feels like you’re eating healthy at Chipotle, and you totally can.  But then you look at all of the delicious ingredients you can put on your burrito or taco, and it’s OVER! 70 more words